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Does Benchmade Make Good Knives?

This manufacturer based in Oregon has been operating since the late 1980s. From the very start, it made product quality and customer satisfaction its core values. It also became the tech trailblazer, introducing cutting-edge tools like low-tolerance CNC machinery and high-power laser cutter in their production.

Are the branded pocket knives produced today reliable? Yes, they are. But which of them is the ultimate best Benchmade knife? Here are the most important competitive advantages of the company at the moment.


When you opt for this brand, you get a premium product. All knives come from a single facility occupying an area of 144,000 square feet. The company does not outsource production to other countries.

The machinery and materials involved in the production process guarantee top quality. Some pieces of their equipment are comparable to those used by NASA. Also, the staff is qualified, and the quality is rigorously monitored at each stage.

Hence, you can be sure about the quality. The real problem is choosing the most suitable model. Here is a brief guide to facilitate the process.

How Much?

The general price range is between $100 and $200. For this money, you not only get a high-quality U.S. product, but also a lifetime warranty. This means you may have it serviced even if it breaks a decade later. Such guarantees are only provided by responsible manufacturers who value their reputation.

All these factors, which are combined with the workmanship, materials, and technology, mean you are getting a bargain. After all, these tools are really made to last. Here are some of the materials used:

  • G10,
  • high-end steel,
  • aluminum,
  • micarta, and
  • carbon fiber.

Which Knife to Choose

Each of the products is a narrowly specialized tool. Therefore, base the decision on your individual needs. Overall, the models most in-demand nowadays are all folding: Griptilian, 940 Osborne, and 535 Bugout folding knives. Here are a few of the available types:

  • everyday carry (EDC) folding knives,
  • fixed blades,
  • hunting knives.

Take time to consider and compare the features. Browse through expert knife reviews on jonsguide to make an informed decision. There is a wide range of tools for every taste and purpose.

Where to Buy

As the company produces no ordinary knives, they may be found in high-end U.S. stores specializing in outdoor and sporting goods. You may also find them at gun dealerships. Naturally, outlets selling knife, marine and tactical supply sell them, too. Even jewelers do!

The knives are also exported to two dozen countries. Of course, it is possible to buy an authentic Benchmade product through the Internet from its licensed dealers. Make sure the store has been operating for years and has positive reviews from customers and experts.

Be wary of dealers that seem unauthorized or offer prices too good to be true. Due to the brand’s popularity, its products are often copied by counterfeiters. The fakes are of inferior quality and will not serve for long.

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