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How Millennials Are Changing The Way Businesses Utilize Technology

Millennials are becoming the most prominent group in the workforce. Their personal lives are wrapped around technology and they’re now requiring their workplaces to accommodate their expansive appetite for top-tier technology as well. Millennials are changing the way businesses utilize technology by simply expecting more.

Millennials expect technology to improve the way they do their job and function in the workplace. Because millennials are becoming the dominant segment in the workplace, businesses will need to update their current technology and ensure it’s ready for the highly-driven, tech-savvy worker.

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As the digital era progresses, businesses are looking to millennials to show them the way to using technology that supports smoother operating systems, efficient business strategies, and effective technological tools. Let’s take a look at why millennials are so tech-savvy and how that’s influencing better use of technology by businesses. We’ll also briefly discuss key technology expectations millennials have in the workplace.

Why Millenials are so Tech-Savvy

Millennials are so tech-savvy because they grew up with technology. They are digital natives. Technology was and is a part of their everyday life and they’ve become accustomed to using different platforms and gadgets to get things done, learn, share, communicate, and collaborate. Technology is engrained in their functionality and how they optimize what they do and how they do it.

Millennials are also extremely tech-savvy because they’ve accepted that technology is evolving and that they need to continue to adapt to the new ways of using tech to use it well. They don’t know a life before technology and that reality finds itself impacting all facets of their life.

Although being entirely dependent on technology like so many millennials seems like a terrible way to live, it reveals how forward-thinking, fast-learning, flexible, and adaptable these young minds are to embracing the future of our world.

What Millennials Expect Technology Wise in Their Workplace

Millennials expect that virtual tools are readily available in the workplace. Workplaces should also be able to open up with those virtual tools in place so employees can work from anywhere and get their jobs done just as effectively. Flexible schedules are also important to millennials and having the technology to allow them to work from anywhere will kill two birds with one stone.

Millennials are also expecting the chance to work with the most up-to-date technology or at least technology that gives them the capability of doing their job functions better than their competitors. They expect a certain speed and agility in their use of technology that allows them easy access to pertinent information and systems.

E-learning opportunities and collaborative digital workspaces are also a requirement for millennials in the workplace. Most millennials don’t see email as the best digital communication tool, nor do they see in-person training as the best way to receive necessary or wanted training to further their development. They expect workplaces to provide e-learning opportunities that give them the additional benefits and a similar experience as in-person training. They expect workplaces to provide collaborative digital workspaces like Slack and Asana to communicate effectively with their team and collaborate on work.

Why Millennial Influence is Helping Businesses Better Utilize Technology

Millennials are very involved in cleaning up the environment and making a positive impact on the longevity of our planet. Sustainability is not just in regards to products or services, but it’s also regarding workplaces. Millennials are helping industries like health and beauty become more sustainable by advocating for the use of technology across all teams and all business functions like supply chain management. Millennials are striving to make the world a better place by ensuring their workplaces are also participating in the save the world movement.

Millennials are creating a culture of technological appreciation and advancement that’s successfully spilling over into other generations. This is creating a collaborative environment in the workplace that is prompting a more established digital presence and usage. The more businesses can bring older and younger generations together through technology, the better they can leverage productivity, technological advancement in the workplace, and the shared use of digital and social platforms for marketing, sales, and brand awareness strategies.

Millennials have a unique understanding and use of technology because they grew up with it in their everyday life. They’re able to navigate technology like no other generation and are successfully using this knowledge and ability in their workplaces. Millennials influence what technology is brought in to streamline business practices and systems as well as determine what type of training is necessary to fully operate and use this technology. Millennials can push the functionality of apps, software, and other technology further than the average worker.

Millennials are changing the way businesses utilize technology by leading with their knowledge, experience, and optimized use of technology. Millennials will continue to take over workplaces, so businesses should lean on them to update their systems, bring generations together through technological tools, and maintain effective use of technology in the workplace over time.

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