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How to Make a Flyer that Will Sell

For starters, let’s combine the concept of a flyer and a flyer (no matter what size – a6 or a5) into one whole. And in the future, for convenience, in our article all the flyers will be called “flyer”.

Let’s Get It Started!

Choosing a flyer distribution service that’s the most popular and affordable is one of the success milestones of an advertising campaign, which aims to attract new customers.

Although, I do not know about you, and I am sick of these “crazy” who are trying to give me a piece of paper with information that I absolutely do not need. Besides, it often happens that even if I take/receive this advertising message – I don’t understand it, throw it away, forget it… what to do when we change places and now our task is to sell, attract, invite etc..

The answer is simple – do not repeat mistakes and make the flyer so that you like it.

Design and content of the flyer

Your flyer has only 3-5 seconds to be noticed and wanted to be read. So the design has to be memorable. Use bright and juicy photos or make a flyer in a “minimalist” style – depends on your taste and sense of style. The main task is to catch it.

Do not write a lot of text, no one needs it. Image + slogan + short explanation – it will be enough. Check the results with the flyer mockup.

And as it is not trivial, but very often it happens that it is forgotten – give contacts, store address, website, phone, etc.

Most importantly – remember: a good design “SELL”, and this is a fact.

Today the Network has a huge number of templates of ready-made advertising leaflets, posters, flyers and other printed products. It is easy to use them, change the name and complement the design – also easy. But plagiarism, even in this form, will not be appreciated by anyone. Be original, think about how to make your flyer so that it became unique and unique. Only then, with the phrase “Do you remember that company, it still has a yellow car on its flyers?” – The only thing you’ll have is your brand.

Summing up, we can say with certainty that the creation of flyers important every detail – the font size, picture shades, the size of logos, information content. Be creative, do not save on paper quality and printing, make competent and correct content – and the result will certainly lead to the desired effect!

Where, to whom and how to give out the flyer

It is very important who, where and how to hand out your flyer. For starters, we recommend wearing a promoter (the one handing out) in a branded uniform.

It is important to explain to the person who will give out your flyer, on whom your action is designed. If the campaign “Nightclub Girls Entrance Free” – probably, it is right to give out students and young people. If you sell women’s boots – it is better to hand out your flyer to women, etc.

It is not a task to give out the flyer to everyone, or for 10 minutes to give out 1000 flyers.

The promoter is YOU, YOUR SHOP/ RESTORAN/ Nightclub… So explain to him how IMPORTANT it is to make him smile nicely and, if possible, try to interest potential customers.

Always remember: do what you want to do when you are in the buyer’s shoes: excellent service, quality product, reasonable price + smile … do magic.

Good luck to you, your business or your favorite business.

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