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The Technologies Shaping the Future of Data Security

No article or news fail to feature something about security breaches in today’s world. Whether this news is within the healthcare provider space, commercial level, or consumer level, data about prevention and security attacks seems overwhelming. Over time, terminologies such as ransomware and phishing have become household terms, and almost everyone knows of someone that security attacks and data breaches have impacted. Two aspects tend to complicate securing websites and online data. Firstly, organizations that work online might need to strike a balance between access to their critical data and their security measures. The policy is relevant within the healthcare and e-commerce communities. While it would still be possible for online retailers to lock down their apps, the bottom line is that traders will need solutions that can enable them to deliver services in a fast-paced environment. As such, it has become paramount to find the right balance that stays aligned with the risk tolerance of organizations to ensure its security measures matches its threats.

The user community itself is the second aspect. Users are both the last and first line of defense in many organizations. As the threat space continues to become sophisticated and grow, tools for battling ransomware and virus attacks are also maturing. Organizations are investing in additional tools such as email protection software and spending more money on hiring experts in security information, but the system and network users are still the most vulnerable. Whether it is accidental or malicious, an organization needs only one worker to open the wrong page or click to a fishy link to start a chain of events that could result in a security breach. However, cybersecurity experts are working in several technologies that could transform the industry over the next few years and make it easier for organizations to manage any risk associated with the security of their sensitive data.

Information Sharing and Effective Collaboration

It is a manner of threat that has started to happen recently, but futurists expect it to become more routine as technology continues to evolve. However, the ability to share information about security attacks quickly and crisply will help online traders stay slightly ahead of the competitors. Sharing of security information will eventually extend beyond online traders as other service providers share the risk landscape and vulnerabilities of their respective industries.

Focus on Training and Educating the User

Like approach to transit and airport security, organizations will need to train and educate their workers on how to prevent and respond to security attacks. As workers become more aware of their responsibilities, they can avoid costly practices that can result in a security breach. The awareness and training will also make workers more safe and effective at their workstations and homes and increase their mobility in this digital era. Besides, several generational issues might impact the way online retailers battle their threats in the future. The younger generation seems more comfortable being transparent and open about their lives. For example, whether youths are chatting or tweeting about where they are, they look comfortable sharing any of their information. Experts believe that this might change the paradigm and ensure that only a few things can be addressed with security and privacy controls.

Move to Cloud-Based Solutions

Over time, organizations will move more of their information security tools to the cloud. As a result, online traders will be able to update their tools dynamically to address any malware or virus. The move to the cloud seems more economical than other storage options and will make these tools available to all workers irrespective of where they are. The high volumes of reported data breaches might be a game changer regarding how organizations dedicate their resources and finances to securing their critical systems and networks. Organizations will need solutions for scenarios such as when most of their records will be breached at one point.

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