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Few Facts on devices running Nexus OS – Find out more

To some of you it seems a bit strange to inquire about a Nexus device. In case you still need to acquire more information about Nexus devices, then you’ve come to the right place.There is still a large section of mobile device owners that are yet to use the android OS. Some of them haven’t yet used a tablet or a smart-phone. A section of them are still relying on touch-screen phone that run OS based on java.

On the other hand, you have some smart-phone users that are continuing with their Apple handset, iPhone or and iPad device. This group isn’t quite aware of the Nexus brand, which forms the key component of Android. You may not be aware that the much talked NexusOS phones are actually running android, which needs further clarification to the viewers of this article.

All Nexus Mobile Handsets

What makes Nexus stand apart?

Nexus belongs to Google’s family of smart devices. It runs android regardless of whether you’re using it in your tablet or smart-phone. On most occasions, you’ll find the latest version of android in all your nexus devices. It depicts the shape and feel of an android device as per Google’s vision.

Nexus devices haven’t tasted much of popularity like that of the iPad and iPhone devices. When it comes to devices running its NexusOS, Google has its own target audience against the much-hyped iPad and iPhone. You’ll hardly come across any other devices running the latest android excepting the Nexus devices. Google won’t let that happen while marketing the latest android versions.Google finds a great opportunity to popularize the latest android OS versions through its flagship products. This in turn helps Google draw much attention and appreciation for the android features with every release. All future releases and custom ROMs are to be utilized by the future android devices in helping users experience the latest features. By the time you experience the new features in your smart devices, the nexus models are likely to be upgraded to a new level.

In order to find itself within the top SERPs and retaining its market share, Google has to continue maintaining its dominance over other smart-phone makers. In this era of post PC computing that’s ruled by portable devices, it even helps the Search leader make money by way of acquiring cash based on its search business and ad promotions. Google certainly requires a fair number of smart devices running android within the market for convincing a large section of its target audience.

In the absence of these Nexus devices, Google may have to wait till all OEM partners provide android updates to their users. Users may have to wait till they receive an update of the latest android version in their smart devices. This is bound to be detrimental to the business interests of Google as it will create obstacles in its path of growth.

It becomes inevitable for Google to launch a major Android update and then introduce a new device to the smart device users. You may expect new hardware for the upcoming Nexus devices, which is mandatory for supporting an android update.

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