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How To Select A Best Secure Messaging App For Your Company?

When assessing the features of a secure messaging app about its functionality and features, there are many important capabilities and characteristics that a best secure messaging app must provide. Probably the most critical include user-friendliness, message delivery confirmations, corporate directory and message lifespan. While there are many other functions and features that can be considered during the assessment, you must be careful when evaluating any vendor who does not meet the criteria mentioned below.

06-How To Select A Best Secure Messaging App For Your Company

Criteria To Select A Best Secure Messaging App

  1. User-friendliness

Though this may be viewed as a subjective factor, it is additionally a standout amongst the most critical considerations when assessing secure messaging applications. Any application that is not as convenient as their current chat application will never be completely accepted or generally adopted by the user group.

Furthermore, conducting an intensive application evaluation with your assessment team, search for vendors whose application is downloaded at least by million users, as those providers will have a vast user group that will help approve their application’s ease of use. Vendors with no or a littler number of downloads might not have the same level of feedback that will help guarantee the application’s convenience and capacity to meet a wide set of functional requirements expected by the users.

  1. Delivery Confirmations

When messages are sent utilizing an enterprise messaging application, they must furnish the sender with key message delivery notifications. These notifications must include a notice when a message has been sent to the receiver on the other end and when the receiver has read the message. In both the cases, delivery, as well as read confirmations, should be provided by the application.

This feature is a foundation in how secure messaging solutions can help enhance workplace communication for the businesses, by permitting better organization of resources with constant feedback on message transport and conception.

  1. Controlled Message Lifecycle

Secure messaging apps for enterprises will confine a company’s propensity and risk to the disposal of confidential information by setting lifetime limits for messages being sent.

A company or user-defined message lifecycle will wipe a message from all gadgets after a pre-decided timeframe, wiping out this danger.

  1. Message Recall Option

Contrasting to conventional SMS texting applications, secure messaging apps must permit you to get control on messages after they’ve been sent. In the event that you communicate something specific utilizing an enterprise app, you must be able to erase it from the recipient’s gadget before or even after they have read it.

  1. Security


Access to the application needs to be authenticated with a pin lock or password lock, verifying which the user should be able to use the application. Also, admins must have the facility to monitor and manage the usage of a specific member and should have the rights to take security measures like requesting users to input the password if the user is not active on the system for longer durations.

Data Encryption

Communication of customer data must be encoded both during delivery as well as after receiving to make sure the privacy and secure transmission to the receiver.

  1. Corporate Directory Incorporation

To guarantee a rapid execution and keep unapproved users away from obtaining access to your messaging application, a best practice that vendors must offer is to integrate Active Directory or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol to easily sync with the user directory. The integration of active directory will accelerate the deployment considerably, as a company’s members can be easily added to the active directory. In addition, by syncing with the company’s master directory, when workers, contractors or consultants are removed, those members will be removed automatically from the enterprise messaging platform eliminating the chance of an illicit user gaining access to the conversations.

  1. Ubiquitous Communications

One of the top challenges faced by businesses while deploying a best secure messaging apps is how to make sure that users who are not present in the company directory can still get the messages that are sent by the admin. As per Metcalfe’s law, the ROI and value of a secure messaging application upsurge considerably with the increase in the size of the network, hence best vendors will possess the capacity to expand the network. Assess whether a vendor has established a complaint, secure platform to reach members outside of the business directory.

  1. Platform Scalability

For many businesses, the scalability of their workplace messaging app to other apps can be a main criterion while choosing a vendor. The top-class enterprise messaging app will resolve the issues associated with direct communication workflow of an enterprise. If the communication platform is not scalable, it is unable to offer the chance for integration to other apps in the future. The best way to find vendors offering scalable platforms is to determine whether they offer an open API grade to enable integration with their enterprise messaging system.

Hope the information provided in this article is helpful to you, if you have any comments to suggestions please feel free to share in the comments below.

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