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Fun Facts About Drupal [Infographic]

Drupal is a content management framework which is free and an open source. If you have ever used Drupal before, you will know how great it is as a web development platform. Lots of information hits the news and websites about Drupal’s overall security, so here are some fun facts instead!

1. The name ‘Drupal’ was unintentional

Drupal got its name from its founder – Dries Buytaert – misspelling something. He originally wanted the Dutch word for village, which is dorp, but when he accidentally typed the word drop instead, the translator translated it to druppel and he got the name Drupal from that.

2. Obama and Drupal

The US government are well aware of Drupal’s strengths and the positives associated with the platform. In fact, when Barack Obama became President, government agencies migrated many of their applications and websites to open source software, especially Drupal!

3. Developers Galore

With over 16,000 developers, Drupal is one of the world’s largest and most active developer communities. As a result of this, there are thousands upon thousands of changes made to Drupal’s code each week.

4. Tons of external libraries

Drupal 8 contains at least 17 external JavaScript and 27 PHP libraries. Each of these are isolated open-source projects which proves that Drupal is committed to building bridges with other technologies.

The result is a stronger, more efficient, relevant and resilient platform which adopts easily to changes and developments.

This being said, Drupal has its learning curve and needs its server resources. Hostgator Cloud and other modern hosting plans that deploy SSDs and guarantee computing power are well-suited for the CMS, but not every hosting company can accommodate its needs well.

5. It is the recipient of huge investments

$500,000 of which was invested by Acquia alone, in a bid to speed-up the migration of popular Drupal 7 modules to Drupal 8. What this means is that the popular modules will be available much quicker, and the quality will be spot on.

Drupal 8 is one of the best open-source content management systems available on the market; it is build to the standards of some of the world’s best developers.

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