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Published on June 22nd, 2018 | by Sunit Nandi


Six Marketing Pitfalls And How To Avoid Them

There are many marketing pitfalls that companies fall into, and they start losing money because they are not getting back all the customers that they thought they would. You must start to make an investment in marketing that includes solving all your old problems. Have a look at what your old problems are, and you will get rid of them through little changes to the way you market.

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1. Too Few Ads

You must have enough ads online that people do not get bored with them. You do not have to change much about them to make them look great, but you have to do something to help make them more compelling. You will run across some major issues with your ads if you run one and everyone gets tired of it.

2. No Tracking

You have to track your ads to see if they are any good. You are doing yourself a horrible disservice if you will not even track your ads because you have too know if people used them. If people clicked through on your ads, you need to know where they went. Did they buy the thing that was in the ad? Did they stay on the site for very long? You need to know these things.

3. No Cross-Marketing

You have to market with the help of other companies. You can share marketing space on your websites, and you might find that these marketers do a good job of helping you get customers from their side to come over to you. You might send customers over to them who then come back to your site and buy more stuff. This is a great exchange that you need because it helps you have greater success overall.

4. No Blogging

You have to have a blog that people can read for information. You can answer questions and share things about your company that are useful to your customers. They might comment where you can answer them, and they could check out your blog just to learn about your company. Make it easier for your clients to come to the site and learn without reading boring articles.

5. No Social Media

You have to have a social media presence that has your ads on it. You have to have a social media presence in the places where your target audience goes, and you must have a full page that is fun to read and scroll through.

6. Spam-like Ads

The ads that you create should not look like spam, and you have to be very careful that they look professional. Any slips in your standards will show, and the ads will make people think that they are fake or that your company is actually the front for a scammer.

Work with Brad any time that you want to have a look at how your digital marketing is going. You deserve to have a marketing program that works, and you must create something for your company that will be the most beneficial. You can create a new program, or you might use something that has been proven to work for other companies.

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