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Talking with Your Dog: Wearable Gadgets That Help Pets Communicate with Their Owners

Technology has not yet advanced to the point where a reliable translation device exists that would facilitate an interspecies conversation between a dog and its owner. Though we’re not able to accomplish that feat, we’re still able to communicate with our canine companions in other ways. Dogs can’t always tell us what they need or what they’re thinking, but these tech gadgets can make their internal processes a lot easier to figure out.


Find Me!

When your dog gets lost, you might spend hours searching for it to no avail. Even if your dog is microchipped, you won’t be able to find it until the dog is discovered by an animal shelter or veterinarian with a chip scanner. GPS collars allow you to determine the approximate location of your dog without having to wait it out. Still, these situations can be risky and that’s why it’s a good idea to also get a proper pet insurance plan, like the ones offered by Bivvy. At ages more than 12, which is what age do dogs become senior, going without an insurance plan is risky.

A number of pet product companies are now creating these collars that sync with your smartphone to help you find your rebellious little runaway. Put the collar on your dog. If someone forgets to close the gate, all you need to do is open up the tracking app. She may not be able to tell you where she is, but technology can. Many of these collars involve some kind of a subscription plan, but it’s worthwhile in the end – especially if you find that your dog is quick to take off on little adventures.

Let Me Show You Something!

What is she barking at? Every afternoon, she’s howling up a storm in the back yard. When you go outside, she tries to show you, but it’s already gone. If she can’t tell, she might be able to show. Special harnesses exist that allow you to mount a portable, heavy duty camera to your dog. Put your GoPro to good use before you send your dog outside. If you’re looking to see what she’s chasing or barking at, or even if you’re merely curious what she does when you’re not around, you can review the camera footage.

Having this footage at your disposal provides you with the tools you need to craft a safer environment for your pet. Perhaps she’s discovered a nest of snakes out back, or she’s taken to chewing on electrical cords while you’re gone. Not only can these devices help you protect your dog, they also make it easier for her to show you the world as she sees it.

I Need Exercise!

Every breed of dog has specific exercise requirements. Different weights and health concerns can shape the amount of exercise your dog needs. If you want him to live a long and healthy life, you need to make sure he’s getting active often enough. He can’t tell you he needs a doggy workout, or how much exercise he’s had while you were at work. That’s where pet activity trackers come in handy.

If you’re familiar with devices like the FitBit, you already know the concept. This is a tracker that can be placed on your dog’s collar, sending a data log of his physical activity to your smartphone. You’ll know if he’s getting enough, and if he isn’t, you’ll know to add a few extra laps around the neighborhood to his morning walk.

Technology can help you bust down the language barrier that stands between you and your beloved pup. It can improve the standard of care you’re able to provide for your pets by eliminating some of the guesswork and helping you keep them safe. We’re all waiting for the day where a real version of the Babel fish will jump out of a Douglas Adams novel and hit the market, but until then, these alternatives are more than promising.


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