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5 Advantages of having AMP Integration for SEO

Accelerated Mobile Pages or simply known as AMP, is an open-source Google venture. Its basic purpose is to make the page loading faster. With the launch of the AMP, blogs, articles, web pages and product pages are easily loaded. For this reason, many readers, users, and customers have given positive feedback of websites. They also play a great role in enhancing the search engine optimization by making a web page appear on the top page of Google search result. Although AMP doesn’t include your web page in the search result itself, it naturally makes your page appear on the top, which enhances traffic on your platform.

When different sites submit their content on AMP, they have an improved click rate. With this much data and exposure, it is still difficult to measure the precise location of any AMP on search engine result pages. Accelerated Mobile Pages work on specific websites with different competencies. Websites that post new content, products, images, blogs, and data on their pages have a better chance at generating AMP integration than the websites that hardly post any content, data, images or blogs.

AMP indirectly enhances your website’s search engine optimization. Although you work on the optimization of your website by posting regular content with images, making new product pages and inserting links, it puts your website on the radar of AMP, which can influence your Google search results. When a website loads quickly, it also enhance the user experience, which results in automatic enhancement of page and domain authority.

AMP is basically a coding standard for website content producers. The goal of any web content producer is to use AMP to be able to load their websites quickly on mobile phones, as websites aren’t that responsive on mobile phone display and browsers. Desktop resources are heavy and they can load high-resolution images and content in a short space of time. So for this reason, Google came up with AMP to enhance the loading speed of on mobile devices. Mobile phones are also used more than any other form of electronic device to load any website, so Google has to come up with a solution to make the user experience better. Now website developers focus more on creating their sites more mobile-friendly.

Importance of AMP

Have you ever tried loading a site on a mobile phone? Have you ever noticed the time it takes to load on a smartphone browser? Well if it takes more than it used to on your desktop, then you need to work more on its interface, theme, and development so that Google AMP picks it up. If your mobile phone is displaying your website quickly, then it is in the good graces of Google AMP.

AMP also plays an important role in making a website visible in search results. Although your website isn’t included in the search results of Google, it still gets an amazing exposure to traffic and all the potential customers.

Following are 5 advantages of having AMP integration for SEO. Read them and enhance your website so Google can pick it up in its AMP search.

Enhanced visibility

When your website is selected by Google for AMP, it includes certain green symbols that will make your website look more optimized for search engine result pages. It will also tell the users that your website takes less time to load as compared to other websites in the search engine results, so they will automatically choose your platform for their purpose.

Moreover, Google SERPs have initiated displaying your website along with images that can bring more users to your platform. It will result in a natural traffic boost on your website and your SEO will also be enhanced by the gain in domain and page authority.

Automatic Search Engine Optimization

Even though AMP doesn’t directly affect your website’s ranking, when there is a good amount of traffic on your website which is also making conversions, your ranking automatically improves. Slower and unresponsive websites will never rank on Google or any other search engine. Other factors that enhance SEO is the response time of your website on mobile and desktop browsers. When your theme and user interface is friendly, it will automatically enhance your Google PageRank.

Ad support

AMP intent to provide a wide range of ad networks, set-ups, and technologies. Their aim is to provide ads that load rapidly and allow the content to capture the attention of the viewer. It can help not only the users but also the advertisers to increase their influence as well as recover ROI on ad spend.

For an instance, you are running an online travel agency and aggregator that offers a platform to book cheap flights from UK as well as compare flight times and suitability. You can initiate an Ad support campaign with AMP integration. It will help you to grow traffic on your website by appearing on the top of SERPs, as well as being creative at the same time to capture reader’s attention.

Quick loading on smartphones

A website that is user-friendly and employs a great user interface will benefit from AMP integration to a great extent. A research shows us that mobile phone users mostly abandon their search on a slow website in just 3 seconds. For this reason, make sure your website loads in around 3 seconds or less. Not only will it increase its chances of being blessed by AMP, but also it will improve its conversion rate.

AMP analytics

AMP offers you to track the visitor behavior on your website. You can now select from two tags which will enable you to tally viewers, check if they are new or returning, clicks, conversion rate, and much more.

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