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Few Genius Kids Birthday Party Decorating Hacks

Birthday Parties! Kids insist on birthday parties every year, and of course, we all agree. Birthday Parties can be so fun, but they could be tough to organize and plan! Weeks before the party we are running around collecting things for the theme or whatever our kids have asked us for. We also need to keep a track of the invites, the guests, the cake, and what not! We need to check out the party venues as well to select the one most suitable for the occasion. All this could be very exhausting.

Here I have a few very fantastic birthday party hacks that are going to save you time, money, and effort! And, they are also going to help you throw a super awesome and memorable party!

1- Make your Back-Drop:

You can make your back-drop design with colored paper, craft sheets, and a few craft supplies. You can also create your designs and themes by using only colored chart paper and some office supplies.

2- Paint your Plastic Flatware:

Instead of spending too much money on beautiful flatware, dip the ends of your white plastic flatware into the paint of your desired color. You can also add glitter to the paint, or sprinkle in on top.

3- Decorate with using balloons Upside Down:

Try hanging balloons upside down. This will save the cost and effort of getting helium. You can stick a double-sided tape, and it comes off quickly as well. Also, you can add confetti in clear balloons to add a pretty effect.

4- Balloon Coolers:

Instead of using blocks of ice, try using frozen water balloons instead. These will not only look super cute but also will keep your drinks cold for long.

5- Use of Decorative Tape:

Decorate your party cups and wall borders with decorative tapes. These are easy to come off tapes, and they won’t even spoil the tape off your walls. Also, adding colored tape to your cups will make those plain white cups look very unique and pretty.

6- DIY Photo Booth:

You don’t need a professional photographer who comes in with an actual photo booth. All you need is a pretty photography backdrop, some props, and your camera Or you can even ask the kids’ parents to take photos with their phones. Another thing that you can do is you can choose a beautiful spot outdoors that serves as a back-drop.

7- Face Painting Booth:

Face painting has become a signature thing of all kids parties. You can have someone do it, or you can do it yourself. Just Google a few unique but easy designs and have kids choose the design they want. You need to purchase a few paints and brushes and, that’s it!

8- Plastic Pool:

Plastic pools are always fun for kids. You can fill it up with balls, sand, water balloons, and let the kids enjoy. One great thing that you can do is fill the pool up with water or mud and hide “treasures” for scavenger hunts, etc. Also, you can fill up the pool with ice and fill it up with drinks!

9- Birthday Cake Kebabs:

Instead of having the traditional birthday cake, you can have birthday cake kebabs. Buy a big cake, and cut small squares out of it. Slide the cake pieces onto skewers along with some fruits, marshmallows or even jelly. Kids will love these.

10- Balloon Drop:

Kids love this, and they scream with excitement when they see balloons falling on them out of nowhere! The balloon drop is a mess-free entertainment, and it is good enough for kids to play for long. If you are planning an outdoor party, you can always go for a water balloon drop (but do let the parents know, so they’d carry extra clothes to change afterward).

11- Table Settings:

While setting up the table for kids, try tying up the utensils and napkins together with a candy bracelet, so the kids have a sweet treat to look forward to after they’ve finished with the food. Also, you can place a small candy under each napkin, so they get a bit more excited!

12- Decorating with Neon Letter:

Neon is trending these days, and the kids love bright colors as well. So having a Neon theme or neon décor could be a perfect idea! You can use a plain black drop and cut out neon colored alphabets and designs and paste it to create your own unique and stylish backdrop! Also, you can find neon décor in almost all stores. One great thing that you can add to your party is neon drinks! Kids are going to love it and it is going to give a boost to your party! In order to know more, Check this out https://www.neonsignsdepot.com/.

13- Ice cream Garland:

With the help of party hats and pastel-colored honeycomb decorations, you can easily put together an adorable ice cream garland. Decorate it on the wall above your ice cream station for a perfect backdrop!

14- Painted bottle Centerpieces:

You can create super cute centerpieces with old unused jars and bottles! Paint them with the colors and designs of your choice and you can have beautiful and fresh décor for walls and tables.

15- Streamer Tied Balloons:

You can give party balloons a chic look by tying oversized helium-filled balloons with a colorful bunch of ribbons and streamers in various lengths, colors, and textures!

16- Tissue Paper Flowers:

Real flowers can be costly, and they don’t last very long either. A budget-friendly alternative is tissue paper flowers. They are non-perishable and can be used at multiple times! You can get them from any décor store, or even make them by yourself!

17- Paper Fan Banner:

We all know how easily we can make paper fans by folding the paper. This is a very easy, quick and affordable birthday party décor. You can take colored paper that matches your theme, and have a lovely looking banner in no time!

18- Have the kids help you:

Ask the kids to assist you, in the end, to clean up the mess, and tell them you’ll have a surprise for them after they’re done the cleaning. You can either do a piñata or hand them goodie bags at the end. The kids will love both, equally.

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