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The Tech Behind Video Poker

Who doesn’t love a game of poker? This interesting card game is a game of wits played by the very best around the world. Though easy to pick up, it can be incredibly challenging to master. And yet, every day there are games of video poker taking place all over the world.

With countless movies showing people winning more money than they know what to do with, it is clear that many people view poker as one of the best games to play if you are looking to make some money.

There are many fantastic places out there where you can play this, however one of the types of poker that really enticed attention from market professionals is the intriguing reality of video poker. Now of course you’re going to be interested in this and you’ll want to know a little more about the technology behind the game, but first how about you engage with one of the best online casinos in the market and experience some video poker games first hand.

Woman Playing Video Games in the Las Vegas Casino (Image: Shutterstock)

Woman Playing Video Games in the Las Vegas Casino (Image: Shutterstock)

Is It a Different Game if It is From Another Developer?

Anyone who has played a slot or two before will have noticed that a number of different developers make slot games, not just one individual. These guys don’t just dabble in slot games either; they also write the programmes for many of your favourite table casino games to bring them to an online format.

Some of the developers who do this are NetEnt and Play’n Go, amongst many others. Nearly all developers will design a casino table game at some point. They can attract a very different sort of player than the slots lover or the bingo fiend.

Are these games different depending on the developer? They will all have different styles and themes of course, and they will also have different betting limits. However, they will all adhere to the rules of the variant of poker they are based upon. If you decide you want a game of Texas Hold’em, you will find that the rules are the same.

Random Number Generators

These genius little programs are written precisely into the coding of the game itself. Random Number Generators (otherwise known as RNGs) are part of many different slots and casino games and help to keep the games fair. It generates a pattern which cannot be guessed and is as close to random as it is possible to be.

Whereas at a table you might have a shoe to keep the cards shuffled and neat, the RNG does the random shuffling for the video poker game. It prevents both the player and the game system from cheating and predicting which card is going to come next. If the next card will be random, there is no way of telling who will win the round until it is time for the cards to be revealed.

How the RNG works (Image:

How the RNG works (Image:

Check which developer made your favourite card game. They should have a statement somewhere about their use of RNGs to maintain fairness. The best of the best will also get these RNGs regularly independently tested to ensure that they are still remaining fair at every turn.

Live Dealers

Another way online casinos and developers ensure that games remain fair at all times is to use live dealers.

A live game is broadcast from an exclusive studio in real time; with different camera angles to help players play and establish that this is indeed a live stream. They can also interact with the dealer through the use of a live chat function; them typing questions and the dealer answering out loud.

It feels more inclusive and friendlier than games of poker without the dealer. If you are looking for a more relaxed and welcoming place to play your poker hands, you may want to head to an online casino which has live dealers.

Fair Play Testing and Coding

The final way casinos and developers ensure fair play is through the use of fair play testing. Part of this comes from a commitment to testing RNGs and ensuring that they are safe. You should also be on the lookout for the Certified Gambling Certificate as it means that the casino has been audited and vetted by a third party. If you play at a casino that has one of these certificates, you know that it is going to be a safe place to wager your money.

 Video Poker in a Casino (Image: Royalty Free Images from Google)

Video Poker in a Casino (Image: Royalty Free Images from Google)

In Conclusion

The advent of online casinos has opened the world of gambling up to so many more people who love to play but don’t have access to traditional casinos. If you are wanting to play online video poker, one of the best ways to do so is to only play at a verified, reputable casino. Playing here, with either a live dealer or an independent game written by one of the top casino game developers, is one of the best and safest ways you can wager your money in video poker.

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