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DIY Furnace Repair Tips

No one likes to experience a faulty appliance, considering the inconvenience you would have to endure until it is fixed, the financial cost and also, with the fact that you may have budgeted your money for something, the prospects of having to spend on repair can be worrisome. But what if I tell you that some of the issues you experience with your furnace can be resolved on your own without needing to call a professional to have it fixed. Did that proclamation make you happy in any way? Okay. Good. There are few DIY Furnace Repair Tips from Indiana’s best furnace repair service that would be discussed in this article with the aim of demystifying furnace repair to some extent.

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But before we go further, on what scenarios should you suspect that your furnace is faulty and you need to call furnace repair Mississauga? Here are a few signs that should make you consider fixing your furnace:

  • Noise From The Furnace: the furnace is not supposed to make any gruelling noise while in operation, If you get to experience that, then there is a fault somewhere.
  • Inability to come on: you keep trying to switch it on and it is not responding, it could be as a result of a minor fault that needs attention.
  • Your home isn’t getting sufficient heat: if your home isn’t heating up as it should is a problem somewhere with the furnace.

Now that you know what to expect before you take a call-to-action, let’s get started on a few things you can do to salvage the problem of a faulty furnace.

Relight The Pilot Light

On some scenario, your home may not be heating up as it should because the pilot light has tripped-off; the only reasonable thing to do to get the furnace running is to relight it.

All you have to do is: switch the valve to its pilot setting, bring a lighted match close to the pilot opening as you press the reset button and hold onto the reset button until the pilot gets sufficient light before setting the valve back on.

If the pilot light doesn’t come on after doing the aforementioned, there is a high chance the gas release hole is filled with dirt. Ensure the gas is turned off, then use a small brush to clean off the debris blocking the gas opening. After doing that, try relighting the pilot light again, it should come on this time.

Check The Thermostat

As commonly discussed in the Acclaimed Heating, Cooling & Furnace Cleaning tips, the thermostat is one of the first places to check in terms of maintenance & cleaning and also in cases where there is a decline in the operation of the furnace.

But in some cases, the thermostat may not be faulty per se, but just needing something to be done so as to keep working fine. Here are some things you should make sure of as regards your thermostats control:

  • Ensure the thermostat setting is on “heat” and not “cool.” If it’s on cool, your home wouldn’t be as warm as you want it to be.
  • Keep tabs of the temperature setting and make sure it doesn’t change from its initial setting.
  • Ensure the program is displaying the right day and time.
  • Open the thermostat and clean out the dirt in it regularly.
  • Watch out for any break in any of the thin wires there, if there is any, use an electrical tape to match them back together.
  • Change the battery. If you experience a power outage and your battery is dead, you should have it changed.

Inspect The Fuse

Sometimes, your furnace may not be working for the minutes of challenges, making you pass off as an ignorant person when you call a technician for such challenges. Before taking that step to call a technician, check the fuse and ensure the furnace is tightly plugged in. If the fuse is faulty, you change it to a functioning one yourself or call a technician to do it for you.

Replace The Filters

This is yet another Furnace Repair Tip that you should also consider when faced with a challenge related to your furnace. As a result of prolonged use, there is a high tendency for the furnace to be clogged with dirt which could make the furnace function abnormally. The only sane thing to do in such case is to have it replaced with new ones so as to ensure that the furnace is working perfectly fine.

There is always an owner’s manual to guide you on how to locate and change the filters yourself; this is not something you would need a technician for.

Ensure The Exhaust Flue Is Unclogged

The exhaust flue could’ve been blocked with stray materials or even an animal. You can check out for the debris by dismantling the ducts that directs to the furnace exit and clean out everything you see within. Couple the ducts back as it should be when you’re done.

Check For Leaky Ducts And Block Them

Check the ductwork and watch out for holes that could have been the cause of leaks, block them with a metal duct tape.

As you can see, the Furnace Repair Tips discussed above are things that almost anyone does, even without being a professional handyman. If you do all the aforementioned and your furnace is still functioning abnormally, then you should call a professional to have it checked.

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