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Keeping busy during the Covid-19 Quarantine – Check out these Ideas

Ever since the outbreak of Covid-19, the world itself has gone into a state of mandated quarantine. Suffice to say that, a direct consequence of this has been the shutting down of business world wide and even imposed curfews in a few regions.

Now while we are getting all the rest we can get due to this, its pretty easy to assume that extended lock-downs can lead to boredom and a feeling of forced shut-in for individuals, who aren’t really used to staying inside this long.

So what can be done to alleviate the situation and make time pass without putting your life in peril?

Here are a few interesting things that you can do to pass time and generally keep busy:

  • Time to Dust out that old Console

Gaming has been a popular activity in these times. Ever since the quarantine started, there has been a massive jump in the number of gaming users and there hasn’t been a better time for the gaming industry as far as sales are concerned.

Mobile gaming which is usually taken as a leisurely activity, has seen a tremendous bump in the number of registered and active users, places like China, US and India being the highest contributors as far as number of players go. MMO’s and Battle Royale games such as Call Of Duty Warzone and PUBG saw almost 600 million new users on the platform.

Furthermore, online gambling platforms are also seeing a huge spike in the number of overall players as physical casino’s close down due to the pandemic lock down. Because let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to earn a jackpot from the confines of their homes and if the idea interests you, check out , which is an incredible platform for slot based gaming. You can earn exciting rewards with minimal investment.

Furthermore, lots of online based gambling platforms are restricting intrusive ads that can interfere with the overall experience of the users who are on the gaming platforms, thereby making the whole process, all the more alluring.

  • DIY that Chevy

Have you ever wanted to take some time off to fix that old car or maybe put up that shelf that you always wanted, well now is your chance. DIY has been getting so much popularity off late that people who have never done it before, are taking an active interest in it.

Its not just that, there are communities that are also participating in making DIY masks and giving them away to people, so that the spread of Covid-19 can be minimized.

Therefore, if you have a keen interest on DIY-ing things from scratch but never had the time for it, well now is your chance to keep you busy as well as do a community service.

  • Get Planti’n

You never know the value of home grown produce, until you have tasted them. While homegrown produce is not necessarily cheaper or even worth the time for a lot of people, the end product surpasses the cons. Coming to the time part of the process, you have all the time you want now because you don’t have to go out for office early in the morning.

Home grow vegetables or fruits generally taste much better than any commercial produce, which may or may not have flavour enhancers. The difference is quite noticeable and after you have started it, you may not want to revert. Besides having your own garden full of herbs, tomatoes and other veggies is just a sight to behold.

  • Take an Online Course

We know that time has not been kind to us and in this fast growing world, free time is such a luxury. Therefore you should make the most out of it and one of the easiest ways of doing so is to hone your knowledge and skills.

There are a lot of resources that provide paid and subscribed courses on the internet. Some noteworthy ones include – Udemy, SkillShare, Brilliant and so on. Also a very popular course if you are interested in pursuing computers is the Harvard CS50. Literally anyone, from any education background can join in and be a Harvard Certified computer professional, given that you enroll and complete the course.

Getting more real world working skills also opens up lots of other career opportunities and can be used to avail better jobs, that will ultimately secure your future. So if anything else feels like a waste of time, just give this a try.

  • Do community service

In these trying times, if you can be helpful to the society in any way, then you ought to do so. There are lot of poor and homeless that go hungry and cold during the night and have practically no defence against this virus. So as humans, it is upto us to help these poor souls in any way we can.

Things that you can do might include:

  • Donating food or supplies
  • Supplying them with masks
  • Giving them clean drinking water
  • Donating sanitation items that they can use to keep clean
  • Building shelters so that they can also be quarantined during this time

In doing so, it is crucial that you do not forget your own safety. The cure for the virus is still some time away and getting infected can mean certain fatality.

  • Spend quality time with your family

In the hullabaloo of our daily lives, we often forget how important our families are for us. Because of this, there has been an acute lack of discipline among the new generation and they are slowly starting to forget core values that keep families together.

This may not be an activity as such Spending time with the family is never really a bad thing. It brings people closer and there are actually lots of joint family activities that can be done together. So if you have been feeling distant, now might be a good time to come together.


It is understandable that everything isn’t for everybody and the points represented here might crater to specific niches. Regardless, we should follow the quarantine faithfully for our own sake as well as for the sake of others.


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