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Essential Information About Installing A Dashcam

Did You Know That It Could Be Considered As Breaking The Law If Your Dash Cam Is Installed Incorrectly?

The dash cam mustn’t be in any way deemed to be an obstruction to your field of vision when you’re driving. If the police decide that the device is positioned unsafely, they could give you a fine, and the footage that was recorded will be rendered inadmissible in court. The driver must always have a clear view of the road as well as the traffic ahead. This includes dash cams, smartphones, or other items. It must be in appropriate places, not to impair the vision of the driver.

Can Your Dash Cam Footage Be Used In Court?

Yes, truck dash cams by Fleetware can offer valuable details in a court case that would have been left to conjecture and testimony otherwise. The first UK jail sentence was given off the back of incriminating dash cam evidence in 2015. The reckless driver was not caught in the act by the police but was only arrested after the dash cam footage from a concerned citizen was shown to police. In 2017, dash cam footages assisted in cases of a Yorkshire reckless driver, a Humberside hit-and-run incident, A Surrey roadside scam, a West Yorkshire road rage attack, and a West Midlands carjacking among others. You will often notice dash cam footage on the local news websites since communities make use of it when they are tracking down lawbreakers. Police have also started using dash cam footage to assist in pleas from witnesses.

You Must Inform Others If Your Car Is Not Used Solely For Personal Use

If your vehicle forms part of a company scheme, for instance, you must tell others that share it with you about a dash cam installation. This is due to most dash cams recording sound, while others can even video record the interior of the vehicle. There are various great dash cams available for under $100, according to this source. If someone else is using the care but is unaware that they are recorded, it is considered as a severe breach of privacy. You must let them know. This is especially important for those in the taxi industry, minicab drivers, cabbies, coach drivers, and any other company that select the use of a dash cam. They must inform all passengers who enter the vehicle that a dash cam is being used, or they may face potentially unforgiving legal consequences.

Implicating Dash Cam Footage Can Be A Two-Way Street

Most individual’s main motive behind installing a dash cam is for protecting themselves legally in the event of something unforeseen happening. However, you must be mindful that the same footage can be used as evidence against you. If you are pulled over by police for a vehicle violation, they can request you to present the dash cam footage for review. For instance, a debate about the speed you were going can be easily settled through footage from the dash cam via GPS tracking. Also, note that deleting any footage could be viewed as an offense, therefore it is wise not to tamper with it once the police confront you.

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