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Published on November 12th, 2020 | by Sumit Bhowal


Is It Legal To Use A YouTube To MP3 Converter?

Not many people bother to look into the technical aspects related to a phenomenon as common as watching a video/song on YouTube, liking it, and downloading it for later use. YouTube is a free surfing platform where people can browse, search, watch, and rewatch all types of videos available on the Internet. But the fact that many of us ignore is that most of the videos, especially, the songs streamed on the platform are copyrighted and technically speaking, if a video is copyrighted, it is illegal to download it or convert it to mp3 for any sort of personal use at a later stage.

Having said that, it does not mean that YouTube would sue you or millions of other users for copyright issues since it is quite natural and common for users to browse for their favorite songs online and then convert them to MP3 to store them in their respective devices. YouTube hardly does a copyright strike until and unless the video has been downloaded and converted to some other form and is being re-uploaded on YouTube by someone for personal or monetary benefits of any kind.

The issue of the legality of converting YouTube videos to mp3 should be kept in mind while downloading and converting the videos, and this would definitely prove to be of great help.

  • There are uncountable numbers of videos and songs on YouTube, and it is perfectly okay to convert them to mp3, but the only thing to be kept in mind is that the videos should not be bearing the Copyright mark on them.
  • It generally happens that almost all of the videos do bear a copyright mark on them, and in that case, downloading and converting them would be an illegal act. But, as stated earlier, technically, it would be copyright struck only if it is re-uploaded to YouTube by someone else’s name, and in such a case, it is a possibility that you can be in a troublesome situation.
  • If the video is downloaded and converted to MP3 just for personal use like, for example, hearing your favorite song again and again, then most likely, it is not a big problem.
  • Also, that doesn’t mean that the videos not bearing the copyright mark are legal to convert and reuse, even though there are some videos that might not bear the copyright marks, but still, it is ethically wrong to use someone’s video in your own name or on your own channel on YouTube.
  • This doesn’t mean that there is completely no scope for you to download and convert video of any kind or category from YouTube to reuse it. YouTube has several videos that are Copyright-free or Royalty-free, and the owners of them give full rights to anyone to convert them to mp3 for personal uses. It is always advised to go for downloading and converting such videos to mp3.

Many times, it happens that we, as consumers, tend to neglect such small yet crucial details or technically legal aspects attached to our every day and common activities, and a lot of us end up being too confused about what is wrong and what is right. Converting YouTube videos to mp3 is also one such case, and it is perfectly alright to convert any video to mp3 if required for simply listening to the songs later on, but when it comes to re-uploading them, it is better advised to go for copyright and royalty-free videos.

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