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3 Word Answer to the Global Question, ‘Where Are You?’

Global Positioning System (GPS) is the answer to almost every question that starts with the word ‘where’, often followed by the name of any place. GPS was invented in the 1973, but was endorsed for the civilian use in the 1980s. Since its recognition into the common civilian world, it has incredibly shaped the modern world. Combined with the cellular communication technology and the smart phones, GPS system has made life easier for human beings.

Just as the smart phones replaced phonebooks, directories, payphones and some major modes of entertainment such as; radio, TV and music players, the GPS system has almost completely replaced the use of actual huge maps. Instead of pulling out the maps and tour guides for their journeys from one part of the world to the other, people usually pullout their smart phones and download virtual maps. Not only this, even to find their way to a friend’s house, people are often found staring at the blue dots that ensure them that they are following the right directions.

Although, the most common use of live GPS system is finding the directions to a place, however, there are numerous ways of the GPS in the modern world. Some GPS providing companies provide the GPS facilities for a number of different purposes. The use of GPS has evolved on a greater perspective. Now, the uses of GPS extends to greater number of uses.


Tracking was one the primary uses of the GPS after its invention. The US Airforce used the GPS for tracking their aircrafts long before it was used for the vehicle tracking all around the globe. As soon as the installation of GPS was introduced in the civilian vehicles to increase the security and improve the legal systems of the governments, the use of GPS become more common and beneficial as it unlocked the doors of fleet tracking. One of the first and most beneficial uses of this technology was used by the police departments to track the law offenders. Soon, businesses started incorporating GPS tracking systems into their vehicles to track the delivery, routes and use of the company vehicles. Some of the fleet tracking companies such as LiveView GPS provide the tracking systems that allow the Organizations to track not only the actual vehicle but also the mileage of the vehicles along with the fuel tracking.

Apart from the vehicle and fleet tracking, the GPS companies like Meitrack USA and LiveView GPS now also offer the tracking systems for humans, pets and livestock as well. Although, the uses of human tracking systems are ethically and legally debatable but livestock and pet tracking has proved to be extremely beneficial in the modern days. The portable GPS devices can be attached to the collar of pets in place of the bells and tags which allows the owner to monitor and track their pets no matter how much the pets roam around. The uses of Tracking extends to the workplace as well, many organizations are moving towards incorporating the GPS tracking system to control employee fleeting. The little GPS devices, like pets, can be attached to the employee identity cards to monitor and control the roaming patterns of the employee within the organization so that they do not fleet for their personal errands during the work hours.


Besides tracking, the most common and widely accepted advantage of GPS is navigation. The success of smart phones around the globe brought the use of GPS navigation into the use of a common man. The vehicle companies started manufacturing the vehicles with the built-in GPS navigation system. However, the navigation software in the vehicle and phones like; Google maps, did come with their own flaws. Many tourist have reported in the past that the GPS would guide them to drive over the water or sometimes, through the wall. These weird accidents still happen with the advance GPS system. However, the 2018 version of the GPS receiver devices uses L5 frequency which allows the GPS to be far more effective than its previous versions with glitches. With this new GPS the tracking and navigation gets more accurate and it can locate a device within the range of one foot. Regardless of the minor flaws that can easily be coped up by the logical human interventions the navigation system made possible by GPS technology has definitely made travelling and driving a million times easier and hassle free.

Health and Fitness

Contrary to the popular belief, the GPS technology is not limited to the tracking and navigation purposes, the uses of this ground breaking technology also stretches to the horizons of health and fitness purposes. GPS focused watches are designed especially for running and exercising as they perform the automated monitoring of the inclination of the heart rate, blood pressure and the amount of calories used and burnt. There are similar specialized devices for athletes that helps them to monitor and maintain their health while practicing their sport activities.

Apart from these, there are hundreds of application and uses of GPS in the modern world. This technology has answered a thousand of other question beside ‘Where are you?’ and unleased a million new possibilities for the improvement and security of law & order, businesses, organizations, healthcare and personal life.

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