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How Facebook’s React Native is the Game Changer For Hybrid App Development

Mobile application development is the most engrossing area where the developer can become supremely creative. But application development has become even more enthralling when Facebook stepped into the market with powerful technologies.

Gone are those times when Android studio and Swift were almighty to mobile applications. As a developer, in the era of high-tech programming languages, we are always hunting for short-time development cycles, quick-time to development, and better execution. And our search is over after the launch of Facebook’s React Native.

Who else will not like to code for OS dominating platform? Yes! It is true, React Native has provided a landscape where the developer is independent to write the code only once for both Android and iOS.

React Native has proffered wings to the mobile developers’ dream of designing hybrid applications. Hybrid frameworks have not only built the bridge between the performance of native apps but also made web app development very easy.

Now the biggest desire of mobile app developers is soon going to resolve. React Native app development company are also thrilled out to design the most amazing and highly responsive applications and bring it to the market.

Now, let us dive into Facebook’s React Native and learn how it is a game-changer for hybrid application development.


Reasons For React Native As Game-Changer

The Lethal Combination of Android & iOS Platforms

At the initial stage, Facebook’s React Native was only launched for iOS. Recently with new updates and better properties, Facebook again revamped React and brought it to the market which now supports Android and iOT operating systems. React Native built its own Ads Manager App for both the platforms Android and iOS.

The best thing which happened to developers is that Facebook made React Native an open-source programming software. Also, it has been made highly compatible with Windows or tvOS.

Reusability of Components

Once the component is used a developer is free to use it again on any other operating system. This component-based also allows you to build web-style applications rather than a typical hybrid app. This app will render better speed, stylish look, and flawless functionality.

Implementation of UI component to an existing application’s code

The businesses who want reinforcement but don’t want to revamp their app will gain a huge bonus via applying the same UI component in the existing code. Also, if your app is programmed using any other language i.e, Cordova or Ionic, that can again be used smoothly by integrating it with any plugins.

Easy to grasp and code

React Native is a language which is mostly based on the fundamentals and it is extremely readable. It is quite easy to understand and learn to code by the fresh developers. The one who has initiated babyish steps towards Javascript, React Native is a great platform to start.

For the one who is experienced and wants to upgrade their programming skills into a new platform, React Native is an excellent tool to get excel. It will keep you upgrade, save time, and money.

Execute and Run the App at a shorter time frame

React Native is such a dynamic tool for Hybrid app development. Sine, Javascript is the core of the software with flexibility and versatility. Thus execution and running the complete program becomes quite smooth and doesn’t take much time.

Instantaneous Real-time Updates

We all know what is the drawback with the Apple Store app, it takes a lot more time to review and approval process. When the developers went through such issues, they decided to avoid such pain. When React Native came into the scenario, experts discovered that it can be solved. They found React native can fulfill the requirements of live updates, to make the procedure much simpler and more streamlined as the app is already built on the same framework.

Offers Third-Party Plugins with Efficient Memory and Flawless User Experience

By Third-party plugin we mean that you need not rely on WebView for specific functions. Let us assume if you are adding Google map in your application, React native allows you to link the plugin with a native module. So, you are permitted to link the map with the functionality of the device like zoom, rotate, and compass. It will surely give your app easy usability, occupy less memory space, and it will allow the application to load much faster. It allows you to run your app much fast in the primitive operating system.

All About the UI…

The whole concept of Reactive native is based on mobile UI. React native framework gives a great environment to create a dynamic application with an awesome finishing touch. If we compare it to Javascript frameworks like Angular JS or Meteor JS, React Native is solely UI- focused. It builds the core more likely JavaScript library. This turns up React Native more responsive with quicker load time.

React Native: Surprise Brunch For Mobile App Developers!

The happiness of mobile developers is here! React native is a gold mine in terms of plugins and UI components. Hybrid app development is soon going to become the most demanding technology. Soon it will begin to show purely native performance. React native also utilizes flexbox for designing the catchy layouts for all the landscapes. The proof that React Native app development company is not only working on this framework but also adopted by Bloomberg, Uber, and Facebook itself.

If you are afraid to learn and code this new framework then don’t be, because it is all Javascript. Before starting with React native just follow up with the Node JS, Angular JS or React JS. Few pros of React Native are:

  • Plenty ready-made answers to your bugs.
  • A declarative style of coding
  • Hot and live reloading
  • Standard architecture

Like there are positive characteristics, React native deals with some negative points which you need to take care before development are as follows:

  • Animation lags a bit
  • Time-consuming initialization

The epilogue of the content is only that choosing React native is the best solution for taking over your mobile app development to the next level of business via your hybrid application.

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Harshal Shah is the CEO of MyAppGurus – React Native app development company. He is an avid learner of breakthrough mobile technologies. In fact, it was due to his passion towards mobile technology that led to the inception of this company. He believes in building innovative mobile applications using different types of platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows.

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