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How to Get Views on YouTube – What is the Secret of Success?

Many YouTubers want to find the answer on how to get views on YouTube as it influences the overall success of their channel. However, there is no definite answer as every audience has different and distinct preferences. If you research your audience, then you can get YouTube views and start generating profit from your content. Until this point though, you need to figure out which are the best strategies to bring attention to your channel.

In this article, you are going to discover how to get views on YouTube by implementing some simple strategies. With these methods, you will attract more users and start building a loyal community.

#1 Make Your Thumbnails Stand Out

The first and most important rule for making your video stand out is to create a custom thumbnail. A compelling image can get YouTube views more than any other aspect of the video. The successful thumbnail knows how to create questions for the user, which can only be answered by watching the video. This proven technique is extremely effective, and you will find out that all the biggest content creators are using it. A thing that you need to remember when creating a thumbnail is that it should always be consistent with your brand image.

#2 Try to Make Your Videos Reach Google Results

Up until now, you have probably heard that you need to optimize your videos for ranking high on YouTube. However, you can get YouTube views by making your videos appear on Google and other search engine results. The types of content that are favored by search engines are long-form videos, how-to tutorials, and think pieces that explain theories or the history of something. The way for targeting Google results is similar to that of targeting YouTube. The only thing you need to do is research the search engine’s keywords.

#3 Create A Trailer for Your Channel

A channel trailer is a perfect chance to showcase your unique perspective and show users what they are missing for not being subscribed to you. The trailer is a video that automatically plays whenever an unsubscribed user visits your channel. This method aims to convert viewers into your subscribers, which you will soon learn that it’s the best answer on how to get views on YouTube. To create a great and compelling trailer, gather your funniest moments from your videos and compile them into a video that is no longer than 1 minute and 30 seconds.

#4 Increase Your Subscriber Base

As we have mentioned above, getting a lot of subscribers is the guarantee that your videos will get YouTube views. Therefore, you should apply every strategy you can so that you increase your subscriber base. From the overall quality of your videos to their promotion on other social media, you should focus on increasing the number of your subscribers. As your channel grows, the engagement of your videos will get higher, which will lead to even more video views.

#5 Use End Screens and Cards to Encourage Viewers

To get YouTube views, you have to find ways to keep viewers in your channel. Therefore, you should promote your content at every chance you get. End screens and cards are two of the most useful YouTube features that you can use. On the one side, the end screen is placed at the end of the video and can include your other content, as well as a subscription button and external links. On the other side, a card can be placed anytime during your video and shows related videos that you have already posted.

#6 Find Out What Your Audience Actually Wants to Watch

One common mistake that many content creators make is that they don’t research their audience. This leads them in posting generic content that their target audience finds boring. However, this will not result in many video views. To avoid this issue, make sure to properly research the trends in your niche. Check out the channels of your competitors to find out which videos get the most views. Moreover, use your community tab to find out which topics are the most interesting for your subscribers.

#7 Find Video Topics in Your Keyword List

When you generate a keyword list, you essentially find what is interesting for your audience. Thus, you can use these keywords are a blueprint to find video ideas that will become successful among your target users. Since your audience is already searching for videos on these topics, you can rest assured that your content will receive the attention it deserves.

#8 Create Your Versions of the Viral Challenges

There are so many viral challenges that you won’t find it difficult to spot one that fits with your channel’s image and tone. The best thing about these challenges is that they are so popular that a huge number of users are looking for them. Therefore, by participating in the challenge, you can attract a wide audience to your video, and potentially gain a lot of new subscribers. In any case, don’t forget to let your personality shine during the challenge to make your video stand out.

#9 Partner with Other Content Creators

By partnering with other content creators, you are exposing your channel to their audience. Of course, this strategy will be effective if you choose to collaborate with YouTubers in your niche as their audience is similar to the one you are trying to approach. In fact, this strategy will be beneficial to both of you, and that’s why you need to approach creators with a similar subscriber count first.

#10 Create Videos of the Highest Possible Quality

Lastly, the only way to ensure that users will come back to watch your content is to provide them with the best quality. Get the proper equipment, research your material, and learn how to edit your videos to keep your standards high.

Now, you know how to get YouTube views. Follow these rules to grow your community and start earning a living through your channel.

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