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When Should You Move from Shared Hosting to VPS Hosting

If you are already using Shared Hosting, there will come a stage when it will be required to upgrade to VPS. Many website owners are unsure about when to move over to Virtual Private Server. Find out the reasons for upgrading to more dedicated virtual resources.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting creates a virtual ‘dedicated’ server within shared hosting environment. It has many functional similarities to a dedicated physical server without being an actual dedicated server. It provides you superuser-level access to the operating system, allowing you to install any software. VPS Server shares the physical hardware with other similar virtual servers but is mostly unaffected by them.

When to Upgrade

If you are facing the following issues with your Shared Hosting plan, you should consider upgrading to VPS.

When you want Root Access?

You should consider moving to VPS when you want complete control over your VPS account. You want to install any software of your choice and configure the virtual server to your specific needs. Shared hosting cannot provide you root access, something that is available only in more sophisticated hosting solutions like VPS.

Install Multiple Operating System

Another reason for moving to VPS is that it allows you to install and run multiple operating systems. You are also able to run applications which are not supported on shared hosting. A hypervisor or a virtual machine manager lets you to install multiple OS’s to share the same hardware. If you need to run tasks on PHP, and also on Python, Ruby and PERL scripts, you will need a hosting solution that allows both Windows and Linux OS. And VPS hosting can provide that level of versatility.

Facing Frequent Downtimes

Shared Hosting means there will be multiple accounts on the same server. As the number of accounts sharing your server increase, there will be more load on the server. This will slow it down and increase the frequency of downtimes. Every second your website is out, you will be losing potential business. It is better to choose a VPS hosting plan when the Shared Hosting plan is no longer enough for your site’s needs.

Need for Enhanced Security

When you find out that your website is facing increased security threats and needs enhanced security, you should consider moving to VPS plans. Shared hosting will have increased security risk because a large number of websites are hosted on the same server. Even if a single other website on the server is hacked, all the other websites on the server can become vulnerable.

Enhanced Technical Support

VPS hosting also brings with it enhanced technical support services from your hosting provider. The level of support offered is more than basic technical assistance for issues. Depending on the VPS package chosen, the kind of support provided can include:

  • Setting up the server
  • Live technical support
  • Website migration
  • Optimizing server
  • Enhanced security

Why VPS is Better than Shared Hosting?

There are many reasons why VPS is better than Shared Hosting and it is recommended to move to VPS the moment you find any issues with your shared hosting plan.

1. Large Server Resources

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) creates few partitions of the server so that you can have your dedicated space and resources for your site. You will have virtually dedicated resources that will be available solely for your site(s) and will not be shared with others. The space and bandwidth allocated to your site will be isolated from others.

You will have private storage space and the resources will be highly available. When your business or website will need more dedicated resources (without any downtime), this will be much more beneficial.

2. Higher Performance

The availability of dedicated resources for your site also translates into increased performance. When it comes to VPS, you will have more control over your site’s performance. There is more freedom to install the software of your choice. Your VPS plan will be able to manage multiple websites and higher traffic without any downtimes like a Shared Hosting plan.

3. VPS Provides more Security

Shared Hosting may save you big on money in the long-term, but when it comes to security, it is not a great choice. You can install security applications of your choice on your VPS. Besides, the level of technical support you will get with VPS will be more advanced than with shared hosting.

4. Enhanced Scalability

VPS hosting allows you a level of customization that means you can scale easily and quickly. You are also allowed to install or change the software as and when your website’s needs change.

So when your website or business’ needs grow, you should consider upgrading to VPS. When security, scalability, or resources become a concern, VPS offers a more affordable alternative to shared hosting.

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