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How to get banned playing modern warfare

Modern Warfare has come into the spotlight after the ban wave issues by Infinity ward. The social media and forums are packed with players’ complaints after the new update of the game, but there has been no response from the side of developers. The game has been facing cheating problems ever since its launch due to the disabling cross-play by console players to avoid PC hackers. A few months before, two-step SMS authentication was enabled for new Warzone PC users who logged in for free play. This was a crucial step for those creating a new account for downloading a free game. The robust security measures include reporting suspected cheaters after they get banned and matches the suspected cheater altogether.

Players can also take help of CoD MW boosting is a service, where a professional player helps another player to achieve his desired goals. They offer a wide variety of services for completing the game storyline, get a specific level in Multiplayer game mode, accomplish a particular camo of weapon skin, obtain a specific calling card or achievement in-game or Co-Op boosting.

The Activision was declined, and players were caught in the crossfire. The steps have been taken to avoid the gaining reputation of hacking and make it into the wider goal of providing a cheat-free experience. But these will also lead to some collateral damages. In this article, we will list those online offenses, which are enough to make you ban from Modern Warfare 3 along with the procedure about how they are warned and what stages of punishment it includes. However, these guidelines have been publicly shared by Infinity Ward, which consists of the below six things for resulting in a ban.

Boosting – This includes any player demonstrating game abuse by organizing single or communitive gameplay to gain experience, prestige, score, weapon levels, icons, titles, or other related in-game unlocks. Initially, the user is banned for 48 hours with a stats reset. After the second offense, the same step is followed by a proper verification, and the players get permanently banned from leaderboards. The third offense consists of users getting banned for seven years with stats reset and permanent ban from leaderboards.

Cheating – Cheating includes players demonstrating game abuse in the form of unknown boosting, glitching, hacking, or other related offenses to gain experience, prestige, score, weapon levels, icons, titles, or other relevant in-game unlocks. Here the first offense itself includes user banned for 48 hours with stats reset after proper verification. The second offense, however, remains the same as in the case of boosting. In the third offense, the player is banned for seven years, followed by stats reset and permanent ban from leaderboards.

Glitching – here, the game abuse consists in the form of organizing cooperative or single gameplay to gain experience, prestige, score, weapon levels, icons, titles, or other related in-game unlocks. Some examples of Glitching would be Exploiting map holes, the javelin glitch, and participating in modded lobbies. The banning procedure for first, second, and third offenses are the same as in the case of cheating.

Hacking – In this, the players must not demonstrate game abuse in the form of modifying the executable or creating infected lobbies with or without the purpose of gaining experience, prestige, score, weapon levels, icons, titles, or other related in-game unlocks. The first and only offense includes console ban the user with proper verification.

Offensive Behavior – Offensive Behavior includes players engaging in in-game verbal abuse, harassing, or other related behavior that other players are universally unaccepted. The offense consists of getting banned for 24 hours with proper identification.

Offensive Gamertag – If any player emerges into an aggressive in-game gamer tag that is universally unacceptable to other players, it would be counted under it. The first offense consists of reputation banning 5000 with the proper identification. The exceeding of reputation ban after a certain threshold can lead to a ban from playing. The banhammer looks like a dialog pop-up with a hammer in the picture at their end.


Approx. Thirty million players are engaged with this game from which 50,000 players have been banned permanently. The company consists of a security team to investigate data and identify them 24/7. They make sure to review all possible chats, which include aimbots, wallhacks, and more. The team has been continuously improving the system for potential cheating. The reports are analyzed and filtered based on critical data, and after an investigation, they are banned from it.

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