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Caribbean Poker: Rules and Tips

Caribbean Stud Poker is a table game based on classic poker against the table with the possibility of winning a progressive jackpot. Therefore, the task is simplified – all you have to do is to collect a combination better than the dealer’s. And in this case, you win chips. This game is very dynamic and attracts many fans. All because of the fact that the deals are going very quickly, after what you can instantly get your winnings. To find out how this game is played with many features and tips, stay tuned and continue reading this article. Having learnt the rules now, you’re one step closer to achieving a fascinating winning prize!

The Main Goal of the Player

In fact, Caribbean stud poker comes as a very straightforward game. There are only a few things you need to do during the game:

1. Receive 5 cards. At the beginning of the deal players make a mandatory bet, which is called ante. The dealer always puts the 5th card on the board face up, so the player gets more information.

2. Decide whether to continue playing or give up. Next, it is up to you to bet or to fold. After betting you need to estimate the strength of your hand.

3. Compare your hand with the dealer’s hand. The amount you win depends on your combination. The stronger it is, the bigger the payout will be. After all players have placed their bets, the dealer opens first, and you have to determine the best combination.

The main aim: to get a combination stronger than the dealer’s. In both live and online formats, the dealer is limited in his actions: he has no card exchange or discard function.

Game Combinations and Payouts

In the Caribbean poker game you can meet a particular payout system, which can determine the amount of your prize. Bear in mind that the size of the bet you made has a direct impact on your winning sum in the result. Take a closer look at these winning combinations with the bet proportions:

ace-king – 1: 1;

one pair – 2 cards with the same face value – 1:1;

two pairs – 2 pairs of cards with the same face value – 2:1;

three – 3 cards of the same denomination – 3:1;

Straight – 5 cards in order regardless of suit – 4:1;

flush – 5 cards of the same suit – 5:1;

full house – both three and a pair – 7:1;

quads – 4 cards of the same denomination – 20:1;

straight flush – 5 cards of the same suit – 50:1;

Royal flush – 5 cards of the same suit from ace to ten – 100:1.

Moreover, there is a concept of “no game” – when the dealer does not have any combinations mentioned above.

Rules of Caribbean Poker

Rules of the Game on a Single Box

After putting an ante and a hand, the player is free to do the following:

  • Decline to play if there is no combination in the hand. As a result, the ante goes to casino income. This option is appropriate when you know exactly that your hand is weak and you want to save money.
  • Make an exchange for an extra ante – option is available only once during the game. After it, incidentally, you can pass. Terms and conditions of different casinos can forego replacement of up to 5 cards with the payment of one ante.
  • To bet – possible option during the initial deal and after the exchange. Generally, the size of the bet is two ante, but there are exceptions. Furthermore, the player can also make an additional bet jackpot, in the case of collecting a really strong combination.

Multi-Box Game

As an advantage, you are allowed to play on multiple boxes at the same time. In fact, the rules remain the same as when playing on a single box, although with some minor details:

  • It is impossible to see all the cards on all game boxes at once;
  • You must play the last box blindly – so the bet looks more risky;
  • The size of bets on different boxes may vary.

Jackpot in Caribbean Poker

Caribbean Poker presents a fantastic feature – a possibility to win a progressive jackpot, a total amount of which can include $10,000 or even more. In order to take part in the drawing of the jackpot, the player is offered to deposit $1 into the jackpot before placing the initial bet. And if luck is on your side together with the combination of flush and higher, you have all chances to become an owner of the desired jackpot.

Jackpot payouts are distributed as follows:

  • Flush – $50;
  • Full house – $100;
  • For of a kind – $500;
  • Straight flush – 10%;
  • Royal flush – 100%.

Tips for Players

To be honest, Caribbean stud poker is the most profitable poker game for the player in view of winnings. But the minuses also exist here: the maximum for all types of poker, the dealer’s superiority over the player – 5.2%. Nevertheless, we have a series of recommendations that help, if not to raise the probability of success, then exactly to reduce the probability of failure.

  1. You should only play if you have a pair of a great combination.
  2. It is better to pass if the cards in your hand are smaller than a king or ace.
  3. If you consider the cards to be valuable, you should continue playing under the following scenarios:
  • The dealer has an open card less than the king and the player has a similar card;
  • The dealer has opened a king or ace, but the player is holding a jack or queen;
  • If the player doesn’t have a card that fits the dealer, but has a queen, and the fourth card is higher than the open card.

The Conclusion

To sum everything up, let’s state that with no doubt Caribbean poker is very simple and fast-paced – that’s why it is beloved by many gamblers from all over the world. The hands are almost instantaneous, and it keeps you in suspense until the very end. And the main highlight of the concept is the presence of a progressive jackpot, which adds even more foretaste and warming anticipation of what the outcome might bring to you.

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