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Five Tech Companies to Invest in 2020

Tech investments have proven to be some of the most lucrative investments in the past decade with certain companies such as Tesla, Google, and Netflix growing several hundred percents each since 2010.

That trend is set to continue for at least a couple of more years before the market hits a ceiling, and experts from all over the world are still pumping in money in these stocks. Therefore, we decided to take a look at today’s market to see which ones are predicted to provide the biggest pay-off.

This is based on the opinion of several investment professionals that we reached out to. Also, keep in mind that you have the option of investing with long-term goals but in case you can’t afford the rather expensive stocks, you also have the option of trading them online.


As you probably know, PayPal has been spearheading the online payment industry for well over two decades. Even though competition grows stronger every year, they are far from losing any real market shares.

In fact, PayPal is expected to experience even more impressive growth in the next couple of years then they already have the past decade. The company also recently acquired Honey which, on their own, is expected to grow tremendously for several years.


There is no denying that Facebook is one of the biggest tech companies in the world and even though they’ve experienced some public scrutiny lately due to their rather unregulated marketing tools, they are set to continue their impressive growth.

As a matter of fact, Facebook has done a lot in recent years to fix the issues they’ve faced and their marketing effort is becoming more trustworthy. Add to that the 2020 American presidential election, which Facebook is expected to make over $1 billion in ad revenue on this year alone, and you have a solid investment for 2020.

Furthermore, if we look at Facebook’s subsidiary Instagram, we know that they’re about to roll out Instagram Checkout and that could be a huge move. Most likely, the new features will result in increased engagement, which, in turn, results in increased revenue for the company.


Salesforce is the leading CRM company in the world and everyone in the industry agrees that CRM is only going to get more relevant over the next 5-10 years. So much so that several of the leading investment banks in the U.S, including JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America, are recommending Salesforce both for their products and services but also as a solid investment. And if we look back at history, it’s usually a good idea to follow this major bank’s investment suggestions, at least as long as the market is thriving.

Better yet, despite their impressive revenue and stock growth, Salesforce is not included in most people’s tech portfolios, meaning you can be one of the few to reap the benefits of this amazing tech investment.


Microsoft has been dominating the tech industry for so long that there is very little risk that they will ever disappear from the spotlight. Moreover, after a few years of launching questionable hardware and software updates, it seems like the company has finally gotten back on the innovation train and they have several exciting announcements planned for the coming year. They also just landed a massive government contract worth $10 billion for their cloud product and that will definitely help boost the company to the next level.

All things considered, Microsoft has been a safe and lucrative investment for the longest time and we expect that trend to continue without and major setbacks.


Last but not least we have Adobe. This might not be the most innovative company of the bunch and they rarely release new software these days. However, their recent switch to a subscription-based model has already paid off well for them and they are predicted to attract more new customers in 2020 than in many years.

In addition, Adobe is planning to start focusing more on marketing services which tend to be one of the smartest moves a company of this size can do when they want to maximize revenue.

Final Words

Investments are always associated with risk and you should never blindly listen to other’s recommendations. The stocks listed above are predicted to do very well in 2020 but there are never any guarantees. Therefore, you always have to trust your own analysis and instincts when investing.

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