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7 Cool Apps That Can Make You Healthier and Fit

If you want a workout without a gym membership, to broaden your shoulders without a personal trainer, or simply improve mindfulness, your smartphone can be of great help. With hundreds upon hundreds of apps, it may seem overwhelming and hard to tell which app is the most helpful one. That’s the reason we rounded up 7 apps we think you should give a try.

1. Myfitnesspal Calorie Counter

MyFitnessPal is an app that helps you track your daily food intake, with the calorie counter to calculate every calorie, nutrient, and vitamin in your diet. It helps you analyze your eating patterns and tells you what you’re missing in your diet. The app also tracks your daily workout to check how much your daily exercise is helping you move toward your weight-loss goals.

2. Magic Workout – Abs & Butt Fitness

All exercises on the app can be done anywhere and anytime, and it will only take up to 8 minutes of your time. Magic Workout – Abs & Butt Fitness provides animation and video guidance for each exercise, and during the 28-days plan it has a different workout every day. It calculates calories and weight and it also has a regular exercise reminder.

3. Jinglow

Jinglow is an app that reduces anxiety and improves sleep. It empowers you to customize your mindfulness experience by providing the option to record your own messages, mantras, positive affirmations or guided meditations and to utilize the power of your own voice. Then, you can mix and match what you recorded with the wide range of background sounds that the Jinglow library has. The app has a positive affirmations feature as well, that includes: birth affirmations, I can and I will affirmations and money affirmations. The positive affirmations aim is to rewire the brain by erasing a negative scenario we’re thinking of and replace it with something positive. During meditation or when trying to fall asleep, you can choose to listen to white noise, inspirational beats and ambient music. The white noise machine combats distracting and noisy environments and helps you fall asleep faster and stay that way longer.

4. MySugr

Mysugr is an app for people with diabetes to track their blood glucose throughout the day. The app has a monster friend that needs to be taken care of, allowing users to tame it in the quest to better manage their disease. There is a large aspect of gamification in this app, like gaining points for actions you take and a progress bar that moves across the screen when you get points. The app provides daily, weekly, and monthly medical analysis. You can easily take your information to the doctor’s office due to the fact that all data can also be saved as PDF reports. Other than tracking insulin use, MySugr tracks blood glucose, meals, oral medications and other parameters that are important to people with diabetes. It is highly customizable because users can add, remove and reorder the fields that matter most to them for tracking their diabetes.

5. Google Fit

By itself Google Fit tracks your activity, distance traveled, and calories burned. You can link Google Fit to other fitness trackers and apps to have many more options for tracking your stats. The app lets you choose from 120 different activities, including hockey and even gardening. If you set fitness goals, Google Fit can use your estimated calorie burn to tell you how close you are to reaching your goals. All the data it connects is translated into graphs and charts that make it easy to follow your progress.

6. Couch to 5k

Couch to 5k is an app from Active Network. It offers a training plan for beginner runners, making it easy to go from couch potato to running a 5K race in just 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week, for 9 weeks. One of the best features of the app is that you get to select a personal trainer that suits your needs. You can choose Sergeant Block who will yell orders at you like you’re in the military, who hates excuses and loves working up a sweat. Or maybe Constance, who was once lazy herself, so she feels your pain. She’ll encourage you in a loving way and hold your hand to the finish line. The app is constantly being updated with new enhancements. There’s also a music player built in, but it only works with songs downloaded onto your phone. You can log all your workout and review your progress.

7. Magic Fitness X

Magic Fitness X doesn’t have pre-recorded videos, instead, what they provide is real personal training. After you choose the time that suits you, the app pairs you up with a live trainer for a customized 30-minute full body workout. The trainer will guide you and correct your form.

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