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Published on July 1st, 2020 | by Ali Dino


Things You Should Know Before Buying The Next Pair Of Earbuds

Wireless earbuds have become an accessory that is too good to say no to! They are the rage of the moment with every manufacturer rushing to introduce the best pair in the market.

However, making the best choice here may not be as easy as it seems. Here are the things you should know before buying the next best earbuds under 50 that will help you avoid the worst models in the market.

1. Price Range

Remember, sometimes the pair with a hefty price tag does not guarantee the best quality. However, most earbuds do not come cheap so you should be ready to pay a decent amount.

They are costly because these come with Bluetooth chip and high-density batteries both of which can be pricey. Nonetheless, making a good investment in the start would mean your earbuds would last longer and you would enjoy quality sound.

2. Perfect Fit

Watch out for your ears! There is nothing wise in spending money on buds that would not fit in your ears. Thus finding a snugly fit is very important. In fact, some bad earbuds can start hurting after a while especially for users who have sensitive ears.

It is preferable to buy best earbuds phone calls with rubber tips. Moreover, you can choose earbuds with specialized custom-molded tips that fit into the contour of your ear shape.

3. Battery Life

Most earbuds last for 3 to 5 hours after a single full charge. After that, you need to pop them out and put them back into the charging case to top up their charge. The charging case can power up the earbuds 3 to 4 times before it will need to be recharged itself.

4. Quality of The Charging Case

The case needs to be of robust quality as you will have to rely on it a lot for recharging the wireless earbuds from time to time.

Some cases are pretty fragile and may not stand well to rough use. Also, remember to check the hinge quality as they go through so bashing use and need to be tough for longer use.

5. Control Options

The latest models come with control buttons for volumes, pause options, and voice command features. Other cheaper models would require you to keep the phone close by adjusting the volume or skipping tracks. The ones with responsive controls are definitely worth the extra dollars!

6. Codecs

Make sure you check which codecs your wireless earbuds support. As an Android user, you will be lucky as these are compatible with most Bluetooth audio codecs. Apple users, on the other hand, need to check if their earbuds support AAC.

7. Volume

Volume levels may vary from one earbud to the other. In fact, 100% of one set might be 50% of the other when it comes to maximum volume. Therefore it is better to compare a couple of sets before making a final choice.

8. Noise Canceling

Who likes to be disturbed by the outside world while listening to their favorite track? Nobody! Some of the best earbuds offer a noise-canceling feature which is perfect for use when you are out for jogging at a noisy place.

Attention! “Noise-canceling circuitry eats batteries so bear in mind that you probably won’t get lengthy listening times, and the earpieces may be pretty chunky in order to accommodate the larger size batteries required by the circuitry.”

9. Sweat Resistant

Most of us love listening to music while at the gym. Sweat-resistant earbuds are handy for such use because they are specially designed to block out any moisture from the sweat so you continue to enjoy the best service.

All in all, wireless earbuds are a must-have if you are an audiophile who wants to steer clear of messy cable connections. They are perfect for users who want to move around while doing chores but can not stop listening to their catchy song collection. However, you need to watch out for battery life and fit. It is best if you compare a few options on the checklist before buying a pair. Good Luck!

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