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Why You Should Purchase an All-In-One Computer

Australia is considered as one of the world’s highly-developed countries having the 14th largest economy. While Australia is the smallest continent, it is the largest country in the world. The residents of Australia have high-average income which makes Australia ranked as the tenth country with the highest per capita income. Australia is also a tech-savvy country with more than half of its residences, relying on computers and gadgets to connect to the internet for ICT purposes.

However, when it comes to the selection of computers to access the internet with, most of us will only choose between a desktop PC or a laptop. While these two types of machines are available from the different HP distributors in Australia, we must not forget the third option, the All-In-One Desktop Computer. To know more about distributors that sell AIO Desktop Computers, continue reading at this site.

An All-in-One computer integrates the central processing unit and the other system components into the back of the monitor case so that the entire computer is contained in a single unit. All-in-One computers or (AIOs) will only need to be connected to a mouse and a keyboard for it to become fully functional. All other input and output devices such as scanners and printers can be connected via plug and play.

If you are in the market for a new computer, you may want to consider purchasing an All-In-One Computer. Here are the benefits that you will get from it.

Space Saving

An All-In-One desktop which is available with almost all HP distributors in Australia has a very slim design. This AIO will take up only a small space on your office desks as compared to the bulkier desktop computer with a separate monitor. With the traditional desktops, you may be challenged on where to put the CPU unit that most of the time it ends up on the floor or in hard-to-reach areas so that it will not be part of your desks clutter.

With an AIO, all you will need on your desktop is the space used for your monitor. You will not have to worry about accidentally kicking your CPU unit under your desk.


If you are having trouble choosing between a desktop computer and a laptop, an AIO computer will give you the best of both worlds. AIO computers will have specs that are comparable to most desktop computers while still having the mobility of that of a laptop. You can quickly move your AIO from one room to another, just like you would with a laptop. Most AIOs that you can find fromHP distributors in Australia are getting slimmer and slimmer while still having high computing powers.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Computer manufacturers such as Hewlett-Packard emphasized the designs of their AIO computers to make them look sleek, elegant, and blend seamlessly with any office design. Choose a design which will suit your taste from among the AIO models being displayed at HP distributors in Australia.

Energy Efficient and Less Maintenance

Since AIO computers are contained in a single unit, it is easier to clean and maintain. It is also more energy-efficient since you only have one power supply for both the CPU and the monitor.

Value-Added Features

Although AIO computers are more expensive than desktop PCs, the added costs that you put in are rewarded with the benefits of having an All-In-One computer. Also, the more expensive AIO models will have additional features such as touch screen features that will be extremely useful if your work involves graphics.

If you are tired of your clunky desktop computer and all the cluttered wires on your office desk, it is time to go to the different HP distributors in Australia and pick out an All-In-One computer for you.

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