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Overwhelmed? Meet Top Ways to Manage Your Stress

The old feeling that you forgot is creeping on your back again – stress. It is the time of the year when your first exams are upcoming soon, classes are getting harder, and extracurricular activities demand the same amount of dedication. Don’t worry. Stress is something that can be regarded as normal and in some cases even healthy when channeled in the right way. Before you let stress take over you and break you, try to exploit tips listed below to manage your state in a right way.

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1. Manage your time. This is probably on your nerves already, but when there is so much on your plate and everything seems super overwhelming you can’t think properly. If you have a busy day ahead, think through a small schedule so you don’t miss out on anything. This approach also helps students to make a checklist of the work that needs to be done. Nothing can be more pleasing than crossing the items from the list one by one. When you learn how to compartmentalize emotions, you will learn how to keep disturbing emotions at bay.

2. Get enough sleep. If you think that spending time cramming is better than getting enough sleep, you are heavily mistaken. Don’t skimp on your beauty rest. The studies show a good night rest guarantees your high productivity. Having a rest for 7-9 hours per day (recommended amount of sleeping time for university students) will help you think faster, feel good, and minimize mental breakdowns in the long run. You feel like there is not enough time to complete your writing assignment? Leave a note to a reputed term paper writing service like, and they shall compose a paper for you within the shortest time frame.

3. Start writing a journal. How many times have you promised yourself to start a journal? But there were always reasons to postpone this intention. Perhaps, at some point, you got bored, forgot about your journal or got really engaged in other more urgent activities. Spilling your stress out on the white sheets of paper can help you to relax and see things in perspective. You will be amazed st how things that seemed like a big deal stop being so significant when you place them on paper and realize their minor impact on your life.

4. Talk to the close people. When you are going through a difficult time you need to be able to go and talk about your stressful things. Give a call to parents or spend some time laughing with a friend to get a more cheerful mood. It’s great to be able to discuss things that bother you a lot, but also try to stay away from the negative side; remember all the good which is present in your life.

5. Stress doesn’t mean the end of the word. Stress is a common phenomenon during the college years. In those moments when you’re feeling overwhelmed, know that you are stressed out and try to find the solution to it. Just a little stress can even be healthy for you as it encourages you to try your best and work really hard. Don’t let stress consume your life entirely. Some years from now you will want to recollect all the good times and not days full of stress and anxiety.

6. Put yourself on a healthy diet. It is not about getting slim or the effort to put off some weight. It is about refusing from the junk food and starting to eat healthy food. It is important to eat fresh ingredients and plenty of fruits. Drink juices rich in vitamin C, including grapefruit and orange juice, which are perfect helpers in the battle with stress. When you are busy it is tempting to take another piece of pizza or cheeseburger, but cooking yourself is often therapeutic and a way healthier.

7. Engage in physical activity. The best way to reduce stress is to do sport at least once a week. During physical exercise, your body produces endorphins, hormones of happiness. Daily walks that last for 30 minutes can also reduce the level of stress, but better you do intense workouts. Even if you don’t want to start the workout, because you’re not in the mood or feeling lazy, you will notice great benefits if you dare to start exercising routine. Join the sports club, and it will help you decrease the stress level. Apart from being physically active there, you will interact with other people, which is also very good.

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