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How to find a freelance writer for your tech blog

It is a known fact that a well written and high quality tech blog can help you in reaching your target customers. Though coming up with extraordinary written content seems quite simple in theory but unswerving execution is where most content marketers have trouble and become chaotic too.

Here are a few tips from brainybro.com that will help you to find experienced freelance writers that will improve your tech blog content, ease your burden and implement your content strategy at scale:

Discover and reach out to strong tech writers

Once you come across an exceptional piece of writing, you really get a good feeling about it as the words directly speak to you. Start keeping an eye on such freelance writers and keep a track of their style of writing, author and publication of the content, particularly if it is related to your industry.

Most blog contents have an author byline with links to more of their writing such as an informative bio or some social channels. Note this information and after compiling a list of about 8-10 good writers, your next step is to narrow down this list by doing a bit of extended research on these authors by reading their social channels, portfolio, publication or any other related content for that matter. You need to keep in mind that these writers will help you to create a voice for your tech brand, so you need to do a thorough research in order to ensure that the writer will be a good match for your tech blog.

After shortlisting your candidates, you need to draft an outreach mail to them or a LinkedIn message or simply give them a call. You need to be clear with your intentions while sending an outreach Email to your prospective writer. For instance:


I was extremely thrilled to read your article on, ‘The tech giants in the industry’. I’m looking out to hire a writer for my tech blog. Would you be interested in writing about 3-4 tech blogs a month? If you’re interested, kindly send me a quote for your services.

Using this strategy, you will be able to discover writers and meet with your writing standards and also who are familiar with your industry.

Freelance writer job boards

This is another way to look out for some qualified writers for your tech blog. To increase your odds to find good tech freelance writers you could explore  generic job boards such as write my essay online for tech blog writers. These job boards have access to thousands of experienced writers that with suit your needs and thus, reduce your headache and pain.

Leverage subject matter experts

The biggest challenge that you are likely to face is finding a freelance content writer that understand your type of industry and marketing strategies that you and your team are accustomed to. This particular aspect is a major challenge especially for tech blogs; as the freelance writer should be familiar with the subject matter in your industry. A few writing marketplaces can effectively help you to get in touch with some qualified subject matter experts in the tech industry, so ensure that you find a solution that will match to the needs of your industry.

If you are having a tough time in searching a subject matter expert or if you are already tired of asking your in-house professionals to with your blog content then you could consider the option of using your team to manage and train your content writers over time.

But in order to achieve this you will have to look out for a technology freelance writing company who is willing to get into a partnership with you. At the same time you will have to test your prospective writer to ensure that he/she is a good listener and is open to some criticism and who also allows multiple revisions over their work. Remember, that communication is the key trait that you will be looking out in your writer.

After finalizing the right candidate, you will have to start by giving them some basic assignments so that the get familiar with your firm and tech industry that you are working in. Then gradually introduce your writers to some difficult writing assignments and guide them along the way. Within the first few writing assignments it you will know if your freelance writer is a good match for your organization. Even though the training process could take quite some time, it will save your organization’s resources and will help you to build up better on boarding process for more freelance content writers in the long run.

Investigate your network and ask your connections

You would be quite surprised to known that but some of the best places to search for freelance writers may be within your network itself. The first thing you need to do is login to your LinkedIn profile and conduct a search for ‘Freelance writers’. The results of this search will consist of first and second degree connections that you might have with freelance content writers.

By finding a few writers who already exist in your network, will give you peace of mind even before making a hire as you can identify with whom they have worked with and you could ask your connections how it was working with them and request them some references.

You should consider connecting with some of your fellow community managers, content marketers and some professional editors to develop your network and ask their opinion on working with some freelance content writers and the kind of challenges they have experienced in the process and if they are familiar with any high quality tech content writers in the industry.

Apart from that, you could also ask other professionals while networking at events and conferences. You will be surprised by what you can find out by being vocal about your needs and challenges.

Lastly, you should always be meticulous in researching your writer’s portfolio, studying their LinkedIn profile, asking for references and other social channels before taking the plunge!

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