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3 Big Tech Trends of 2021

Technology is an inevitable driving force in all industries in this digital age. Recent technological innovations have had considerable achievements in realizing greater flexibility, customization, and performance. In 2021, various digital trends continue to impact the shape and future of the casino industry. The new reshape of the industry comes along with an entirely new gaming experience. Users are always looking out for new things that will always make the gaming and casino experiences unique every time they enroll. Here are the 3 significant tech trends of 2021.

1. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that seeks to accomplish solutions to tasks that would require human reasoning through a computer. Artificial intelligence has been at the forefront in robotics manufacturing, maintaining smart computer chat boxes in popular websites such as and other practical solutions.

In a test of AI in the casino industry, a robot consistently defeated seasoned poker pros. The machine uses sophisticated programming and learns the game’s basics, thus coming up with a gaming strategy. The beauty of this all is that robots, unlike humans, are not affected by emotions and anxiety. They are patient and will stick to the strategy to the end. The machine, therefore, avoids any irrational decisions, which is every human’s weakness.

The recent robotic funding and investment in March 2020 led by General Catalyst raised over $130 million, geared towards robotics development. The funds were channeled to research and development in rising emergent needs in the health sector due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The futuristic world with robotics coexistence is the new norm as big organizations and businesses realize the positive impact of embracing this automated technology. Las Vegas Casinos, for instance, are now using Robots to aid their customer experience. They are used in casino hotels to assist in different services, from featuring iPad menus to delivering personal effects to customers’ rooms.

Artificial intelligence collects players’ information on their preferred gambling strategy, the time they spend gambling, and how much they pay and, in turn, creates a player database. AI is arming today’s casinos with adequate information, from surveillance of casino security to the provision of compelling marketing data through AI tools like predictive analysis. Strategic decision making in casinos is therefore practical and efficient.

2. Online Gaming and Mobile Technology

New online casinos are entering the online gambling industry at each crack of dawn. With increased competition, casinos following trends in technology in the casino industry tend to be the most popular. Other than competitive tournaments, real-time leaderboard and social media integration, online casinos adopt mobile gambling to expand the market.

2021 has witnessed more online casinos investing heavily in interactive mobile apps and optimized and responsive casinos websites. Most of these sites are operational and offer live betting on your preferred casino games.

With a projected size of more than $73 billion in 2021, the global smartphone game gaming market is expanding faster than any other sector in gaming. The prevalence of smartphones, laptops and tablets has changed how industries like hospitality and retail work. Gaming is not an exception. Players can now create an authentic gaming atmosphere from the comfort of their homes.

Online gaming and growing mobile technology offer many virtual games and have now embraced live dealer options. The mobile platforms offering restricted game selections in early years have come to per with their PC counterparts and now offer different categories of casino games with multiple variant options.

Currently, the online gaming industry is worth approximately $40 billion US dollars, and its popularity spirals each day. Players enjoy the comfort and game versatility compared to their land-based counterparts. Also, access to bonuses and promotions is more prevalent in online casinos than has ever been in land-based casinos. The growth in online gaming and mobile technology has no limits. It offers an effective change in consumer preference, gives the operators a competitive edge and improves the mobile experience entirely.

3. Chatbots and Customer Support

A surge in on-demand messaging has shifted customers’ preferences and prompted companies to invest in chatbots. The popularity of chatbots is increasing exponentially. The Cosmopolitan, a unique luxury hotel in Las Vegas, employed an interactive chatbot named rose which offers an attentive service with a creative twist from check-in to check out.

Rose was the first AI-based chatbot to serve casino’s loyal customers in hospitality. The chief marketing manager of the company noted that the chatbot would deliver personalized experience and make guests accessibility easier. The chatbot delivers to members special offers and keeps them updated on their membership status.

The Cosmopolitan’s move led to a series of researches on the effectiveness of chatbots which provide that they are more profitable and practical to any industry, especially casinos. Rose answered 80% of guest concerns automatically, who confirmed to be 33% more satisfied by the end of their stay after interacting with the chatbot.

Integration of AI and chatbot is redefining the customer service landscape in 2021. The AI-powered chatbots are now offering what human-powered live chats couldn’t:

  • Answering customer queries without human assistance.
  • 24/7 Support
  • Offering help to different customers simultaneously.

AI captures information such as types of games a customer prefers and their frequent betting amount range, deposit and withdrawal amount and general gambling habits. AI-chatbot creates a customer database and analyses the behavioral pattern to form the best marketing approach when dealing with that particular customer.

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