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Has Technology had an Effect on the Quality of Service?

Yes, it has. Technology has had a huge effect on the quality of service rendered by various service companies. Do you remember the days when sending your parcel started by visiting the courier agency nearby or when you had to start your travel booking by walking to the nearest travel agency? Today, things are quite different. This is because service technology has increasingly influenced the way service providers interact with people whenever they want services from them.

If you wanted to enjoy what the service delivery industry had to offer in the past, you had to meet with service personnel for support in your customer journey. That is not the case today. With the advanced technologies, there are more self-service and automated service solutions. This automation has generally increased the quality of service. Areas where technology has affected the quality of service include gas pumps, online airline check-in, supermarkets, self-service checkout lanes in retail stores, and parcel delivery services.

How Technology has Effected Quality of Service Delivery

  • Has Eliminated Vague Delivery Estimates

Previously, you could wait all weekend for your important parcel with little idea of when it will be delivered. This was attributable to the vague delivery estimate of one to two days or hours. With the advanced technology of today, however, the vague delivery estimate time has been shortened or even done away with to exact delivery time. As such, you don’t have to wait all day ignorant of when your parcel will be delivered.

  • Enhanced Convenient Deliveries

Technology has not only eliminated delivery estimates but also enabled customers to choose from a variety of shipping options. As a customer, you can choose the most convenient time for you to receive your parcel. For instance, weekends and evenings have become prominent times of parcel delivery. Moreover, experiments are already ongoing for delivering parcels in less than an hour by the use of drones by Amazon. If drones prove effective, they would greatly enhance the convenience of parcel delivery.

  • Precision in Tracking Functionality

Over time, customers have used codes to track their parcels and packages online. However, this has not been accurate. As a result, courier agencies like TNT UK are taking advantage of technology to fit their vehicles with GPS tracking devices that are connected to the client’s mobile device. This allows the customer to get instant data of where his or her parcel is.

When the traffic data is combined with Google products such Google maps and GPS, you can accurately determine when you will receive your parcel through the regular updates that you will be receiving regarding the transportation of your parcel.

Technology has become part of people’s daily lives. As a result, it is easy to underestimate its effect on the quality of service. Courier services are just but an example of the many service industries that have benefited from technological advancements.

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