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How to make your kids love homework

The problem that the majority of parents have to face is the difficulties when it comes to homework – it seems that it is the last thing in mind for their children. Although parents expect from their children to be responsible and dedicated when it comes to school, it is easy to understand why they are not very thrilled about doing their homework (to be honest, it is the same thing for students and their college homework – 56% of students have listed their homework as the primary source of stress). First of all, they cannot remain focused and concentrated for a long time like grownups do, especially when it comes to contents and activities that are not particularly interesting. For kids, the idea that they have to spend a long period of time (sometimes hours) on sitting and writing is a real nightmare. This is where the parent as the homework helper comes in. There are many different ways that one can increase his kid’s motivation for the homework, and some of these solutions will be listed in the text bellow.

1. Try to animate the kid

Although the option to pay for homework online is always available, one should try to motivate his kid to do the homework by himself (with the assistance of the parent). When it comes to homework, the biggest problem for a kid is the fact that it is boring. It is usually a repetitive content that fails to keep his attention, and parents should be aware of this, as it is the aspect that they will try to change. In order to motivate his kid to finish his homework parents should try to make it more interesting for him. One of the ways to do this is to find the parallel to the real circumstances. The majority of math tasks can be applied in everyday situations – all of the math operations (adding, subtracting, sharing, and multiplying) can be practiced in the real and interesting context. For example, a parent can put some technical task into content such as this one: “You and 3 of your friends were building a house. After the job was done, you received a payment of $4560. After you shared the money, the owner of the house realized that the roof is leaking, so he asked you to return his 20% of the payment. How did that affect your individual budget?” This is a serious math assignment, but once it is put into real context, the child starts to realize its practicability and usability. Of course, these examples should be as interesting and original as possible.

2. Writing services

Of course, it should be mentioned that there is an easily available and very efficient solution for providing excellent homework in almost no time. All one has to do is to address to websites such as this one, and to order a specific homework. After that has been done, a team of experienced professionals will write high-quality homework and it will be provided in a timely manner. The great thing about these websites is that one can receive homework assistance from any domain – homework help math, homework help in science, etc… This option can often save the day and can be used in the time of need.

3. Provide a reward

Besides providing homework help, there are other ways to motivate a kid. Nothing can facilitate a particular behavior better that a reward that follows it. Parents should inform the kid that some kind of reward is waiting for him after the homework is done. Knowing that there is something pleasant waiting for him after he finishes homework, the kid will surely take it very seriously. Of course, one shouldn’t take this advice in the wrong way and think that he needs to provide a reward after every single homework is done; on the contrary, it is advised to use this option only once in awhile.

Beside this, parents should remember that using material reward (such as money or expensive stuff) is not a good idea because the kid will then expect a reward every time, as he will think that by doing his homework he is doing some kind of favor to his parents. These rewards should be very modest, like taking him for a walk and ice-cream or swimming pool, etc… This way, parents will provide a reward but will also spend quality time with their kid.

These few tips have been shown as very successful ones, so parents should definitely take them into account in order to provide help homework. Although sometimes it may seem as it is impossible to motivate a kid to do his homework, the truth is that by applying these pieces of advice it can be achieved. Parents should just remember to be patient and persistent.

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