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3 Ways Technology Can Prevent Missing Children

Most parents or guardians have felt the panic of having a missing child, if only for a split second in the local park or deli. However, the reality we face is that every 40 seconds a child within the United States goes truly missing. As a parent, do you know what to do if ever caught in this unfortunate situation?

When a child disappears, parents and family tend to feel overwhelmed and unaware of the necessary steps to be taken. However, being well prepared can mean the difference between seeing a safe arrival back home, or not. So how can you stay on top of your child’s location and therefore act as quickly as possible in the event that he or she does go missing?

Kiband For Smaller Children


Kiband is not yet shipping, but it’s shaping up to be a “must-buy” for parents of younger children. It’s a wearable bracelet packed with technology. The bracelet communicates with your cellphone through a mobile app. Through the app, you create a virtual leash that can range from 5 feet to 200 feet. If your child go beyond the limit you’ve set, or if someone takes them beyond the limit you’ve set, the bracelet will emit an audible alarm and you will receive a notice on your phone. And don’t worry, a stranger can’t simply slip off the bracelet, it can only be removed by a parent using the linked app.

SaferChild for Tweens

Tweens are tough. You don’t necessarily want them hovering 200 feet away, and they may not be smartphone owners yet. The best solution for a Tween is something like AmberAlert GPS. AmberAlert GPS is a wearable device. The downside is that you must pay a monthly fee, the upside is that it’s cheaper than a cellphone. Plans start at $15 per month. But this provides two-way voice, GPS tracking, safety alerts, and 150 SMS messages. Like Kiband, it also has a safe zone feature. You can set up to 20 safe zones and receive alerts if your child enters (comes home from school) or exits (leaves your agreed upon boundary) the area. If you want a shorter leash, you can use breadcrumbs. Set a schedule and match the schedule to locations. AmberAlert will track your child and send you updates via text or email.


SaferChild for Teens

If you have a teenager, they probably have a phone. If they do, there are plenty of family tracking apps like Life360 that you can use to keep tabs on each other. However, if you really want to wing your little fledgling, it may be best to let them fly – with protection. React Sidekick is a wearable panic button that works with your teen’s smartphone. It can do everything from track them through parking lots to connecting them with help in an emergency. It’s easy to use as well. Your teen will connect to the device using Bluetooth, if they feel threatened, they press the button, and the button connects them to help. Help might be you, the police, someone else they trust, or a combination.

With a missing child case there is no playbook, but according to authorities, when a child goes missing the first three hours are the most critical. Thanks to technology and navigational tracking, it is now possible to stay informed so that you can provide a quicker response time if an emergency situation should ever happen.

**When a child goes missing, timing is critical. If you have determined that you cannot locate your child call the local authorities immediately.**

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