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Creative Examples of Landing Pages that Convert

It has always been said that the first impression is the last one. One usually only get one chance to impress the viewer’s when they pay a visit to the website. If you are running a business and want to design a website, Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai is the only platform to get your hands skilled over designing a power back website.

If you’re looking for landing page design guidance, we were the best Digital Marketing Classes in Pune have covered with some great examples in this post. We have come up with an impressive landing page design that can convert.

But have you ever thought of why should you build a landing page? The only answer revolves in your head is there can be among the most powerful conversion tool in your pocket. One can create a landing page for every referral source. For instance, the landing page for people who click over from Twitter might look different from the one for people who’ve read your guest post on another blog.

Twago Enterprise

If you can visit the landing page of Twago Enterprise, the only thing you can encourage you to stay big, bold and colorful. The Twago Enterprise landing page is full of energy with a decent look. It get easier when you put a large-print USP followed by a brief explanation of the product.

Th CTA which assist you with the – request a demo, is the feature color which has been used is not repeated elsewhere on the page. When designing a landing page, your purpose should be stiff. In Twago Enterprise’s case, they want people to request a demonstration. The goal can be settled in your head. Setting a goal can bring you to provide visual clues to guide the visitors where exactly you want them to click.

Upwork Writers

Upwork is the community that connects businesses and professionals in every possible service. This the landing page of freelance writers which offers social proof in an effective manner. If you observe this landing page very carefully, you will notice that the person they’ve highlighted are almost genuine. This can lead viewers to find the best writers with the suitable industry in no time.

Hello Bar

A signup page can also be called a landing page. Creating a landing page of Hello Bar was an intellectual mind as it has a big simplicity and added what is necessary. The form is short and the user gets multiple options to sign up. This can open the chances of likelihood of people following through.


The landing page of costco is not like the ones as we’ve seen previously. It belongs to one of the most successful companies. The use of video in the landing page to grab costco’s membership can be productive idea to gain business on the portal. Video in the landing page adds major visual interest providing auditory input.


Asana is the work management tool and communication portal for every internal operation in the business. The landing page of Asana is design with an example that displays simplicity. In place of a hero image, they have added a plain uncoloured background. The two CTA’s reflect and the headline provides an easy message about WHY ASANA?


Dropbox is one of the world’s popular cloud platforms to store business data. Moreover, dropbox is also known for creating effective landing pages. In today’s time, Dropbox for Android is the big trend in the industry. It displays the offer to install the app, sign up and give a try to store important data.


Investopedia efficiently offers a type of paper trading game. This lead investors to use their feet wet. The landing page is designed with the sign up that works extremely well, especially with the Free to Play ribbon in the top right-hand corner. The form is short, and the colors work beautifully together.

Creating a landing page is not an easy task but not a difficult one. If you have a good understanding in clicking you business purpose in head, you are no longer far in creating an awesome landing page for your business. The time you set up creating a landing page, you should be very careful in balancing the creativity and technical parameters go hand in hand. From the above examples of landing page, you obviously don’t want to copy any design. It is only about understanding the business purpose and what you expect from your viewers.

Talking about the major elements of landing page, all you have to focus on putting CTA, sign up form in the right place. Including a good color combination, and content.

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