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How To Hunt Easily With Technology This Season

Hunting is an outdoor activity that has become overly popular in America than most sports. According to credible sources, the number of Americans hunting is higher than that of people playing baseball. From the ancient days of our ancestors, this activity has been considered a favorite pastime and in some cases, used as a rite of passage.


Today, a lot of controversy arises with the incumbent technological advancement on hunting techniques as many argue that our sense of fair chase has been eroded. Whether it is so or not, we cannot overlook the fact that times are changing and we have to change with them. The world of today is embracing technology in every other aspect, and as hunters, we should not be left behind either.

The article below touches on ways you can utilize technology on your next hunting expedition to ensure that you maximize your chances of hunting to the fullest.

GPS Unit


GPS has become an integral part of most people’s lives today. From travelers, hikers, runners and many other individuals who maintain an active lifestyle that involves being in different locations. It can be found on vehicles, mobile devices, computers just to name a few. As a hunter, you can use this technology to familiarize yourself with your terrain. Therefore, on your next hunting trip, remember to bring with you a 3D GPS unit. With this device, you will be able to see 3D detailed maps that will ease your navigation through the woods. It is easily available and easy to use.

Stalk Effectively

The most efficient predators in the jungle rely heavily on their ability to hunt their prey without blowing their cover. Modern technology brings you groundbreaking methods to ensure that you can beat your wild target’s keen senses and capture them without them even knowing you were there. In the market, you will come across various scent control products including gear, attire, and even sprays. Apart from covering your scent, there are other ways to guarantee that you hunt with utmost stealth. They include;

Ozonics- if you prefer not to use sprays, ozonics is a good option to consider. Ozonics is a device that changes oxygen molecules that contain your scent to ozone molecules that are unrecognizable to the wild animals. This technology makes it easy for you to creep up to the game without getting flagged by its nose.

HECS- stands for Human Energy Concealment System. This technology borrows from the fact that every living organism produces an electromagnetic field. Research has it that animals use this EM field to detect the presence of intruders. You may want to try HECS clothing the next time you go hunting as they make you less detectable by animals by blocking your energy emissions.

Smart Phones and Hunting Apps

Smart and strategic hunters nowadays install and update hunting Apps to help them in the field. Such Apps can provide you with crucial data such as aerial views or weather information on your hunting location. Did you know that there is an app that can attach to your rifle or crossbow site and enable you to see an animal on your phone’s screen? You must be wondering if it can be advanced to shoot the animal by mouse click the moment it steps into the crosshairs. Well, there is no saying to what technology can do. Some of the Apps you can use include Cass Creek Game Call App for iPhone and Xplat Reloading and Ballistic App.

Best Hunting Rangefinder


There are a couple of rangefinders available in the market. This device is the best addition to accompanying your weapon of choice as it simplifies all your aiming needs. Apart from the handheld range finders, some good options are the ones that attach to your weapon. The days of guessing your target’s range as you aim are long gone. Some of the best rangefinders include Leupold Vendetta Bow Rangefinder, Burris Eliminator, Nikon Arrow ID 3000, among many others.

Firefly Wind Detector

As a hunter, you probably know the importance of knowing the wind direction. The Firefly Wind Detector is an advanced handheld gadget that determines wind direction and records the slightest change in air movement. It is true that even the expert hunters may be unable to detect some air movement.


If you were distracted by mosquitoes and other flying insects during your last hunt, the ThermaCell is something worth considering. The device emits an odorless repellant that will keep all the bugs at bay allowing you to focus deeper on your target.

Other honorable mentions include some of the best hunting boots, best crossbows, trail cameras since covering them all may be challenging. Therefore, on your next hunting expedition, take advantage of this cutting-edge technology, and you will increase your chances of capturing that trophy.


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