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Servcorp Shared Offices – Top 5 Tips For Getting Privacy In Shared Offices

Your shared office through Servcorp comes with an amalgam of benefits to those who have adopted this work format. The whole shared space concept in the United States has really taken off with different versions adding a new twist to what it means to share space. With this new work style, businesses and professionals have the advantage of an open plan that doubles as a fluid space for professionals to interact with each other and work.

At the same time, sharing space does have a few caveats, namely finding ways to work in spaces with others. More importantly, privacy can be a big issue if working in shared offices that provide workstations (hot desks) where the eyes (and ears) of the community can see (and hear) everything in your workspace. However, you do not have to sacrifice privacy for comfortable, affordable workspace. Whether you are leasing space through Servcorp shared offices or another fit out, you can get the privacy you need while working.

Let’s take a look at how you can retain your privacy without having to sacrifice the benefits of shared space.

Build A Barrier

Consider building a temporary barrier at the workstation to prevent others from peering into your workspace. Plants, books, and other nick-knacks can serve as great barriers to those who might peer into your work area. If working in the coworking space, consider placing books around your workspace as to ward off those who might intrude on your space.

Alternate Your Schedule

Alternate your schedule so as to avoid running into coworking mates that might interfere with your privacy. Consider going into the office later in the morning and then changing your schedule to come in earlier. In this way, you manage to get to the space to experience both quiet and peak times, which can give you privacy.

Work In Off-Peak Times

The best way to guarantee you get privacy is to work when everyone is away. Many shared offices, coworking, in particular, are open either 24/7 or through extended hours. You can guarantee yourself a little privacy, and maybe a little quiet time if you come in very early in the morning before the crowds or come into the office as everyone is leaving.

Lease A Dedicated Desk Or Private Office

In the coworking space, professionals have the option of leasing space other than the ever-popular hot desk. The dedicated desk is private desk space designated to whomever the space is assigned to, and while these desks are more expensive, they can shield you from the hot desk hubbub. Then, these same fit outs offer businesses the luxury of leasing a private office, which is usually the most expensive plan. Within the coworking space, you can essentially have the best of both worlds—private space to work with the option of interacting with community members.

Sit In Isolated Areas

While this might be difficult to do during peak times, find a place away from the crowds to work. Most shared offices come with Wi-Fi or some other high-speed internet connection, so you can find isolated areas with very few people in which to work without interrupting your workflow. By moving away from the source of activity, you establish a pattern with others in the space and can actually get a lot of work completed.

Making Privacy A Priority

Shared office space can be a great way to work, even for those who need privacy. While it seems like a contradiction to seek privacy in a public workspace, privacy can be a part of the shared space platform. Whether choosing to work off-peak hours or finding space within the space, privacy can be a priority either by establishing boundaries or leasing private space.

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