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3 Ways to Expand Your Business Reach

When you have something to offer, it’s important to test different ways of sharing your business with the world. Find strategies that support your mission. Bit by bit, your business can grow its following. Consider these suggestions. 

1. Be Easy to Reach

If someone wants to reach your business, will it only take a minute? Think about where and how your contact information is presented. A strong online presence can ensure that interested people will find your business. On your website, place contact information where it’s easy to find and explain how someone can get in touch. If you’re also cultivating a social media presence, invest some of your time in monitoring the accounts. Many customers use social media messaging platforms to find out more about businesses. Ensure that you have an up-to-date phone system that benefits both employees and customers, perhaps by inquiring about Ooma toll free numbers. A toll-free number could provide a memorable and accessible way for people to reach you. 

2. Befriend the Community

Find your community and begin interacting with the community. Start simply. Search on the internet for local events. Then, figure out the gaps. What events are missing? What can your business contribute that fills those needs? Whenever you and other employees interact with members of your community, continue to share ways for people to reach you. Event flyers and social media campaigns linked to local places can fuel communication about who you are. If you’re a smaller business, you might want to partner with other small businesses to create something valuable out of a shared effort. 

3. Refine and Define Yourself

It’s easier to share your business with a larger group of people once you have a clear identity. What language and parts of your presentation don’t fit? Trim away details that make it difficult to understand your purpose. Be concise and direct. Write out a clear mission and vision, making sure that it aligns with what you hope to achieve. Look at your visuals, too. Do you have a logo? Where is it and what does it suggest? Look at your online presence, physical properties, and the language you use. If something doesn’t seem to belong, maybe it doesn’t. Have internal meetings, but also consider asking community members for input. By surveying your customers, you could discover a gap between who you are and who you want to be. 

As you share your business with more people, stay attentive to their needs. Remain flexible and make changes as you learn. 

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