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How to Fix a Vacuum Cleaner?

It is common to face issues with vacuum cleaners. And it is a good thing if you know how to deal with the most common issues. It will prevent the need to seek professional help every time there is a problem. The following guide should make it simple for you to fix our vacuum on most occasions.

Not Turning On

If your vacuum cleaner is not turning on, you should do the following:

  • Plugged In: Check whether the vacuum is plugged in. It is likely that the problem may be with the outlet, so check by plugging it into another outlet.
  • Motor: If it is plugged in and powered and still not working, the problem may be with the motor. Also check the motor shaft if it can turn freely. If the motor is not turning even when there is power, you will need to either replace the motor or get professional help.

Modern robot vacuum for carpet are highly sophisticated and can do most of the cleaning themselves. They are also highly reliable and don’t usually develop much issues.

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Not Staying On for Long

Overheating: If the vacuum doesn’t stay on for long, it is likely overheating. Chances are that the problem is with a tiny thermal fuse that needs replacement.

Losing Suction Power

If your vacuum has lost its suction power over time, follow these tips:

  • Check the height setting. A vacuum may not be able to work as effectively if its height is set to be too high. If it is hardwood or tile flooring, set bare floor height setting.
  • Check the hose. The hose may be filled and blocked. Remove the obstacle and use a flashlight to ensure that it’s clear. Always use a blunt tool to clear the hose.
  • Check the filters. A clogged air/exhaust filter also means that the vacuum will lose its suction power. You can clean the filter if the problem isn’t much complicated. Else, you will have to replace the filter.
  • Check the brush roll. If the brush roll is not spinning, it is likely hampered by hair. The brush roll will need a thorough cleaning to increase your vacuum’s suction power. If it is clean and not spinning, the problem can be with the belt.

You may also want to consider emptying the chamber or bag to increase the suction power.

A Noisy Vacuum

A vacuum cleaner will usually generate some amount of sound. However, if it is too noisy to gain attention, it means there is some issue.

  • Check the hose for any signs of obstructions. When something is stuck in the hose and cannot make it through, it is going to make some strange noises.
  • Check the belts. Some belts may be out of place or not properly attached.
  • Check the motor. If the motor has a problem and is breaking down, it is also going to make lots of noise. You will have to replace it or get professional help.

Throwing Debris

When this happens, it is usually a problem with the vacuum’s suction power. There may be something that is interfering with the suction. Another reason might be that the bag is full. Just empty it and it may stop throwing the debris around.

Another problem may be that the brushroll and bearings need cleaning. If the brush is clean, the problem might be with the belt. The belt may be stretched or broken. The simplest thing you can do is to replace the belt.

So, it is recommended to follow these tips to fix your vacuum cleaner if you are facing issues with it.

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