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Trends in swimming pool technology

New Swimming pool trends are coming up every year as companies seek to offer exceptional experiences to lovers of the swimming. Pool technology and features are increasingly getting into the market, making it difficult to catch up with the latest. If you want to renovate your pool or get a new one constructed into your home, consider the trends below.

Smart or automated pools

A smart pool works with the latest technology to help you control pool temperatures, lighting, and other pool settings from any place at a click of your smartphone. All you need to do is download an app on your phone. You can either have a smart pool built from scratch or upgrade your existing one into a smart pool. Upgrading is done by installing hardware and products which are Wi-Fi enabled.

Smart switches, for example, regulate various pool aspects such as pool cover and lighting. You can also schedule pool cleaning by use of smart technology. There are automatic pool-cleaning robots which you can also use to clean your pool. A smart pool monitor will give you regular updates on the chemical balance of your pool. It produces accurate results compared to manual checkups. Smart pool technology makes it convenient to keep your pool in top condition with minimum effort.

Automatic pool pumping

There is also the automatic pool pumping, which keeps the water in your pool flowing to maintain water quality. There are variable speed monitors which are more efficient as you can control the speed of the pump. You can program the variable speed pumps to an automatic pool system so that you can program it as per your needs.

Spectra light UV system

A spectra light UV system cleans pools by use of powerful ultraviolet lights which kill unwanted organic matter such as algae and viruses. The system reduces the chemical composition of the water significantly.

Water features

Water features and fountains offer a playful and relaxing experience. They add some design to your pool. There are various ways you can add a water feature to your pool. You can incorporate one at the side of your pool or use it as a mark to separate your pool. Just like the smart pool, you can have it installed at the initial stage when you are building a pool or as an upgrade later on. Technology can be added to enhance the display of your water, including fountains with lights and multimedia.

Unique lighting for your pool

LED lights make your pool look more sophisticated, especially at night when you want to hold a pool party for friends and family. The LED lights have the additional benefit of being energy efficient as they as much energy as the traditional lights. There are various types of LED lights you can choose from. These include multicolored LED lights, color-changing LED pool lights, and more.

Having the latest technologies for your pool will help you manage your pool effectively, save energy, and you also get to enjoy aesthetic features.

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