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Why E-Track Systems are Gold-Standard Cargo Control Solutions!

If you professionally haul and deliver loads using cargo vans or enclosed trailers or just choosing the right cargo carrier for your RV, you may have found that your items managed to shift during transport despite how well you think you secured them. Preventing damage to cargo is a responsible hauler’s main priority. It not only makes your clients happy, but it improves your reputation as a hauler or trucking company which may lead to you receiving more job opportunities and returning clients!

While common tie-down equipment, like chains or ratchet straps, might be your go-to for cargo control there are situations where the best solution is to invest in an E-Track tie-down system! An E-Track is a system of mounted, 12-gauge steel rails with slots to tie down and support a variety of cargo or equipment. These steel rails are heavy-duty industrial products that are designed to be used in enclosed trailers and are now the industry standard for cargo control!

Unlike hauling transportation like flatbeds and ramps, enclosed trailers and vans lack any built-in tie-down points. While E-track systems can be used on flatbed and truck beds as well, they’re especially effective inside vans and trailers to provide needed tie-down anchor points. Extremely versatile and customizable to fit your vehicle, you can screw these E-track systems to the floors and walls of your trailer or van so you have tie-down points exactly where you need them, when you need them!

Where E-Track Systems are Most Effective

E-track tie-down systems are the industry standard and highly recommended for cargo control and it fulfills the quality and your transport management importance, so you can trust these E-tracks to hold down cargo of large weights or various sizes!

Whether you’re using E-tracks in your semi-trailers, cargo vans, or enclosed trailers, they are perfect for hauling cargo you would otherwise have difficulty strapping down or securing in these types of vehicles – such as motorcycles or dirt bikes. Without proper tie-down anchor points, heavy or unique cargo has a higher chance of shifting or falling over during transit. Having the right E-track accessories also helps in the safety and security of your cargo!

E-track systems help bring you peace of mind that your cargo will remain secure and in the same place you strapped it down during transportation! Additionally, you can get 360-degrees of secure coverage since these E-track systems for trailers can be installed onto the floors and walls of your vehicle!

Considerations with E-Track Systems

Things to consider when investing in an enclosed trailer tie-down system are the best locations in or on your vehicle where you will get the most benefit from having tie-down anchor points, as well as the various types of E-track systems available!

1. Horizontal E-Track

The slots on this tie-down system are perpendicular to the sides of the rail, which provide more anchor points per foot. This means it has multiple securement points at your disposal at any point in time. If you choose to install a Horizontal E-track system to the walls of your vehicle, you can free up floor space by hanging up tools such as spare tires and straps against the walls. You may find Horizontal E-track systems frequently used on flatbeds too!

2. Vertical E-Track

Vertical E-track systems have rectangular attachment slots that run parallel with the rail. It’s more narrow than the Horizontal E-track, and you can mount D-rings perpendicular to the floor for a stronger tie-down of heavier or large cargo. Vertical E-track tie-down systems are the more common E-track in the trucking industry!

3. Cross Style E-Track

A type of E-track rarely mentioned is that of the Cross Style E-Track System. It includes both Horizontal and Vertical slots in the unique design of a cross. This E-track system allows you to choose which slots to use based on what you need for the load you’re hauling at the time! This design is very beneficial for haulers who deliver cargo that differ in weight and size frequently.

Besides having differently positioned slots, which E-track system you pick for your trailer comes down to the type of loads you intend to haul or haul frequently, the vehicle you will be installing them on, and personal preferences!

Supportive Accessories for E-Tracks Tie-Down System

These heavy-duty E-track systems have a lot of flexibility in their uses. This means they can work with a variety of tie-down accessories & Implements, which we discuss below! While it is not a complete list of all the E-straps and accessories on the market, these are some of the most popular or beneficial!

1. E-Track Straps

E-track straps are the most popular accessory for E-track systems! They are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes, and their easy installation to the E-fitting slots – a simple snap-in or out of the rails – allows for quick length adjustment! There are two main types of E-straps: Ratchet and Cam straps.

  • E-track Ratchet Straps: The most commonly used accessory with E-track rails, E-track ratchet straps are used to secure cargo that varies in weight! These E-straps give you the advantage of tightening your load down with less slack than you may have with other E-track straps, like cam buckle straps. While you should always make sure you’re using the proper length of E-track straps and E-straps that fit your cargo’s working load limit, E-track ratchet straps are fantastic for tightly securing your cargo so it doesn’t come loose or fall over during transit!

  • E-track Cam Straps: When looking for E-straps that are the most popular in the trucking industry, you will find E-track cam straps at second place in most accessory lists! Though weaker than their counterpart, the ratchet E-strap, Cam Straps are designed to make securing cargo fast and easy! These E-straps are used for securement at the back of trailers or enclosed trucks and are the best fit for a load of lighter weight or fragile cargo.

2. Load Locks

Load locks, or load distribution bars and cargo load locks, are used in the trucking industry to secure cargo! They are telescoping bars with ratchet mechanisms for easy length adjustment, and expendable end fittings that lock into an E-track system for trailers. E-track systems are used to lock these bars into place at the length you need or desire to prevent cargo from shifting, spilling over, and overloading. They’re made of high-quality, thick steel and are designed with an easy-release trigger mechanism!

3. End Fittings

You have a variety of options when it comes to end fittings for your E-track system! Do the necessary research to determine which end-fittings you need or work best for your loads, but here are some of the most common options:

  • E-Track Roller Idler: A popular E-track systems accessory, the Roller Idler, snaps into an E-track slot and allows you to secure a vehicle by the tires or frame! The roller idler moves towards the direction of tension, which keeps the strap close to the E-track and prevents too much slack from occurring. The roller idler’s design reduces tension and wear on your E-straps and can lengthen their life!
  • E-Track D-Ring: D-rings are a common and easy E-track system accessory! D-rings can be used in a wide variety of tie-down applications, and they’re a great option when an E-track strap is not available or you need to use extra straps! They’re designed to work best with ratchet straps that have S-hooks!

  • E-Track J-Hook: The J-hook E-track system hanger is one of the more popular accessories on the market! It’s simple, compact design makes it the perfect tool for creating a fixed point on your trailer wall for hanging cables, ropes, straps, and other tools. Once you install an E-track tie-down system to your trailer walls, the J-hook snaps easily into a slot and remains in place during transportation!

  • Spring End-Fitting: As one can assume from the name, an E-Track Spring end-fitting is designed with a “spring trigger,” for easy application and release. These end-fittings are typically found on the ends of E-track Ratchet and Cam Straps!

E-Track System Benefits

E-track Systems have more than enough benefits that make them reliable and worthy investments for any hauler! With the right type and amount of E-tracks installed in your trailer, you’ll find that you can expand the capacity for storage and space in your trailer, keep your tools or cargo organized and out of the way during loading and unloading, and quickly tie down and secure all types of cargo, but the benefits don’t stop there!

  1. Fully Customizable: There’s no shortage of possible designs and uses that you can get from an enclosed trailer tie-down system! E-tracks can be customized for your setup and the loads you intend to haul. Make decisions like the length of the track, the direction of the slots, the location of the rails, and the end-fittings you can install!
  2. Easy Use: Attaching, fastening, and relocating an E-track strap or rail only take a matter of seconds to minutes! If you find that you improperly measured the length you need for your vehicle or cargo, it takes little time to rearrange the location of your E-track system or E-straps to ensure your cargo is anchored securely and correctly! As we’re sure you know, time is money, so this easy installation process can give you greater peace of mind while out on the road!
  3. Flexibility: Tie-down rails for trailers have a flexible design, which is perfect for truckers whose hauling needs change on any given day! You can add and remove tracks, and you can easily swap out end-fittings or as many straps as you need! You know your trailer and loads better than anyone, so being able to make quick adjustments when necessary is extremely important!
  4. Heavy-Duty and Secure: No longer worry if a heavy load will damage the E-track rails if you need to rest it on top of these tie-down systems! Individual anchor points and slots on E-track systems can hold upwards of thousands of pounds!
  5. Affordable: E-track systems are the industry standard for cargo control; manufacturers and companies not only see the benefits of using enclosed trailer tie-down systems but deem them necessary tools for cargo control! Thanks to the track’s easy customization and installation, you only need to purchase the amount of E-track rails you need to get the job done once. E-track systems are some of the most affordable, long-term cargo control options available!

E-Track System Tips

One of the most important tips one can offer for E-track tie-down systems is ensuring that you have properly measured and installed the tracks to your trailer floor or walls. The following tips are helpful when installing a new E-track system to your trailer:

  • It is incredibly important for E-track rails to be properly and tightly mounted to your trailer walls or floor; an E-track system that isn’t securely screwed into the trailer risks falling down or coming loose during transit, which will also make your cargo shift and defeat the purpose of having purchased an E-track tie-down system.
  • When first installing your E-track system for trailers, invest proper time and effort to ensuring the E-track rails and tracks can support the cargo’s entire weight; make sure the tracks will not come loose and that your cargo isn’t exceeding the weight limit of the tracks!
  • Many enclosed trailers and cargo vans may have grooves that run along the length of the walls and floor. These are specifically designed to be used for E-track systems and E-straps! Check your vehicle to see if these grooves are present, as they will help make installation easier!
  • E-track straps have working load limits that you must remain aware of when strapping down new loads. Being aware of a strap’s limits prior to purchase is important – you don’t want to purchase an E-strap only to find that the working load limit doesn’t meet or exceed the weight of your load!

E-track tie-down systems are considered to be one of the best tie-down methods for cargo control in the trucking industry. Their effectiveness in loading and unloading cargo and the benefits of creating more space and organization in your trailer make them a must-have for every cargo hauler – especially if you frequently haul with enclosed trailers or vans! Save yourself time and headaches; secure your trailer cargo with confidence by installing an E-track system!

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