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The Three Most Effective and Economical Ways That Help in Lead Generation

Marketing strategies without goals of lead generation are like a boat without an oar. They seem okay structurally, but none of them serves any purpose. Simply speaking, lead generation allows companies to find attracting people who may be the next prospective clients or buyers. Right inbound marketing strategies always have provisions for generation of leads. The process of lead generation begins when you have already found an audience with a particular group of prospective buyers.

Lead generation usually follows digital marketing campaigns on social media, social networking sites, and email marketing. Thankfully, the unification of the outbound marketing and inbound marketing platforms in the recent past has led to easy lead generation. Here are three ways that work well for generating real leads from online marketing processes:

Practice social listening

For B2C businesses Twitter, Facebook and Instagram engagement groups are pilgrimages. They cover more or less all the possible markets for any brands (online and offline). To find your target group on any social networking platform, you simply need to employ tools like, Google Alerts, TweetBeep and TwitterWonk. These tell you which groups are mentioning your brands and your products.

These tools provide real-time information that allows you to interact with the prospective clients and buyers. Companies see an increase of about 25% in a generation of leads from using social media listening tools. Leads Junction has an entire collection of pain and unpaid tools to help you optimize your social media marketing strategies for lead generation purposes.

Be active on Quora

Discussion forums like Quora help in filtering the leads for B2C and B2B companies. Answering questions relevant to your business, topics of choice and actively participating in discussions belonging to your niche generate more leads than generic online marketing campaigns. Quora has over 200 million monthly visitors, and there are over 40 million users in the US alone. It is an untapped social media platform that you can use to post your website links as a part of your answer.

Using gated content

Whether it is a video on your website or an infographic, you can restrict viewership by including a sign-up form. The most popular of all gated content options are opt-in email forms that appear before videos or before complete content display. Another way of achieving this is to make your videos, audio files, and blogs downloadable in exchange for email addresses.

Collecting email addresses is the first step in accomplishing “warm calls” that have much higher rates of conversion. It is because when an individual offers you their email or their contact, they have already shown some form of interest in your brand, products, and services. Approaching them with a more advanced sales pitch or ushering them to the next step of your marketing campaign (that can be converted) is going to be much quicker and less unpleasant.

Companies have been modifying their on-site CTAs, introducing hyper-personalization of emails for marketing and using hot-calling techniques to make the lead generation process more efficient.


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Kim Glass is a digital marketer with a particular interest in SEO. Her unique takes on inbound marketing have attracted many people to Leads Junction, and she continues to be one of the leading inbound marketing experts in this company.

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