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Why Businesses Should Consider VPS Hosting

One of the main reasons businesses should consider VPS (Virtual Private Server) internet hosting is because it is great value for money. Especially when compared to shared hosting. Therefore it allows businesses to expand their capabilities affordably.

If you run a business and want to make it a success, you need every aspect involved to operate to the best of its ability. That includes the webserver you use. If the server you use is slow, it can negatively affect your customer’s experience. This could, in turn, result in lost revenue.

This is why many businesses are opting to use a VPS such as the virtual servers by Hostwinds to host their sites.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting is usually chosen by small and medium-sized businesses and website owners who have medium-level web traffic. It is an option usually consider when traffic exceeds shared hosting plan limited, however, the business doesn’t need the resources offered by a dedicated server.

What are The Advantages of VPS Hosting?

There are of course several advantages and disadvantages to all types of web hosting. You need to consider what you are looking for to fulfil your requirements.

Here are just some of the advantages associated with choosing VPS hosting.

Cloud data backups

Backups are essential for every business. When choosing a VPS hosting provider, businesses should opt for one that backs up servers to the cloud. Therefore, ensuring it can be recovered quickly and easily if required.

Domain hosting

As all the resources associated with a VPS hosting service are solely for the business using it, it makes multiple domains hosting possible. Whereas multiple domains hosting on a shared hosting service can affect performance.

Fully managed service

Several VPS hosting companies offer a fully managed WordPress VPS hosting services which means they maintain and update hardware together with software and operating systems. Therefore, taking care of the technical side of hosting if businesses are unable to.

Monitoring Server

With cybercrime and attacks on the increase, another advantage of using a VPS hosting service is that some monitor servers for threats and deal with them quickly. These include hacking, malware and DDoS.


As a VPS hosting service runs like a dedicated server it offers better performance. This means increased processing power and capacity, meaning sites should load quickly, boost user engagement and possibly increase sales etc.

Root access

If businesses want/require root access, having the authorisation to execute any command on a device, using a VPS hosting service is an option. It allows businesses to have more control over their server and installed applications via a control panel.


With a VPS you are free to choose an operating system depending on what suits your business needs the most. Whereas as everyone using a shared hosting service has to use the same one, which may not be right for the business.

Technical support

Some VPS hosting services offer 24/7 technical support. Therefore ensuring that someone is available to help any time of the day should a business require assistance and are unable to resolve issues themselves.

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