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4 high-tech solutions that can boost your team’s productivity

If you are a business owner, then you understand how important it is to keep your team boosted with energy.

Don’t be holding back your business in fear of adopting new technologies, because they might be the new key to success.

Here are 4 high-tech solutions that may boost your team’s productivity

  • Access information anywhere

Most of us that have to deal with customers face-to-face have at least once faced a situation when we were asked for something offhand and weren’t able to provide an answer immediately because the system did not give you access. What did you tell the customer? Did you tell them that you can’t give them the information because you don’t have it? That doesn’t bring any advantages to your company and it ruins your look. To avoid that kind of situation, it’s best to invest in a secure, high-quality VPN. This way, you will have access to the network anywhere.

  • Anytime and anywhere

Technology allows us to turn many jobs into jobs that can be done from almost anywhere. A lot of employees are more satisfied when they are given the option to work where they want and some companies even provide a “Bring-your-own-device” (BYOD) policy which doesn’t tie them down to a specific, company-provided piece of hardware. BYOD allows your employees to use their own computers for work, which will also reduce the IT work because people are more likely to successfully troubleshoot their own device. Another advantage of this policy is that, as an owner, you will save money by not having to purchase devices. Allowing your employees to work anywhere may be another solution for how to save on traveling or business purposes. This way, you can offer video conferencing as an offsite meeting.

  • All-in-one environment

An all-in-one environment is a collaboration suite like G-Suite or Microsoft Teams, that will also increase your team’s productivity in many ways. This is one of the best ways to help teams communicate about projects. Another way these suites increase productivity is by minimizing meetings. Meetings take too much time to prepare and attend. They’re a time sink most businesses can do without. This type of software will have all the necessary tools gathered all in one place, and any member of staff can have access to them.

  • Long-term plan

A long-term technological plan is another way you can increase productivity. How? Planning a technology change minimizes the chance that the pace at the workplace will come to a halt. These days technology is growing rapidly and people need to be trained on new machines. They need to get used to using them and this process takes time to. By planning out the change, you can begin training people on new technologies, implementing the solution piece-by-piece until it is fully in place. This process ensures that, if there are any issues, they can be sorted out before fully implementing the new solution. Having a long-term plan also raises employee excitement about the technology, as they have to wait for it to be slowly rolled out, creating a level of suspense.

There are many other ways for increasing your team’s productivity. The suggestions listed above are among the most commonly utilized, though, and their effectiveness is indisputable.


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