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PicWish: The Best AI Photo Background Remover

PicWish is an AI-powered photo editing platform that offers easy and fast editing with features like Background Remover, Photo Enhancer, Photo Retouch, JPG Converter, and more. Many features are free, and there are Pro app and API services for businesses and developers. Use cases include personal photo editing, enhancing e-commerce product images, and integrating API services for custom image editing solutions. With a user-friendly interface and a variety of AI-powered tools, PicWish is a dependable solution for diverse photo editing needs.

PicWish as a Background Remover

PicWish initially launched as an online background remover, specializing in handling images with complex edges. This versatile tool effectively manages a wide range of subjects, including products, people, cars, animals, and graphics. It can remove background from these diverse images, offering users a comprehensive solution for refining their photos and graphics with precision.

Other Features

White Background

Make your background instantly solid white with PicWish. No need to manually adjust the background color every time; our instant white background service provides a high-quality result.

AI Background Generator

If you’re concerned about background templates for your product or portrait photos, PicWish can use its AI to generate a suitable background for you. This enables you to achieve realistic product photos. Additionally, the tool creates natural backgrounds with ideal lighting and shadows, ensuring your subject looks perfect.

Photo Colorizer

Add vibrant colors to your old black and white photos and bring the past back to life with PicWish. Our AI image color algorithms can instantly infuse realistic colors into your photos. Restore the full spectrum of colors within seconds, even if you don’t have any specific skills.

Image Compressor

Efficiently reduce image size without compromising quality using the PicWish image compressor. This tool seamlessly handles various image formats such as JPG, JPEG, BMP, WebP, and more. You can confidently decrease image size at any time and with any format.

Image Enlarger

With the power of PicWish’s state-of-the-art AI deep learning technology, you can confidently amplify the size of your pictures while preserving its details. This advanced tool employs algorithms to calculate and fine-tune elements such as lines, colors, and tones. The result is an enlargement process that goes beyond mere size adjustment, ensuring that even in the case of smaller photos, clarity is retained, and distortion is virtually eliminated.

Image to Text

If you’re in need of an image-to-text converter, PicWish has you covered. Utilize this online OCR tool to transform your printed papers or handwritten notes into digital versions effortlessly. With an impressive accuracy rate of 98% and the ability to handle 25 languages, there’s no need to seek an alternative tool. Additionally, rest assured about the security of your important documents, as PicWish ensures data protection by deleting it within just 30 minutes.

AI Art Generator

Explore the PicWish AI Art Generator – simply describe what you want in 500 words, and the tool will generate your desired content instantly. This art generator uses computer vision technology and machine learning algorithms, providing a reliable solution for your creative needs.  So if you ever wanted to generate images pertaining to “this person does not exist” in real life, make sure to use this tool.

Photo Enhancer

Easily eliminate blurriness from your beautiful pictures within seconds using PicWish Photo Enhancer. This tool employs AI enhancement algorithms to swiftly improve the quality of your low-resolution photos. What’s even more remarkable is the ability to enhance the image to twice or four times the total pixel count, delivering a wonderful result.

Photo Retouch

Effortlessly eliminate unwanted objects from your pictures using PicWish’s Photo Retouch feature. This AI-powered object removal tool allows you to quickly erase watermarks, photo timestamps, logos, or any undesired elements from your photos in just a few seconds. Additionally, the feature provides batch processing, enabling you to remove unwanted objects from all your photos in a single go.

Face Enhancement

Effortlessly enhance and sharpen blurry faces in your photos with PicWish’s advanced AI face enhancement technology. Bring clarity to pixelated, fuzzy, damaged, or out-of-focus photos in just a minute using the image sharpener. Elevate your photos to the next level with ease.

Image Cropper

Crop your photos effortlessly with PicWish using ready-to-use aspect ratios or by copying your photo to an exact size. This quick and user-friendly image cropper enables you to easily set the precise size you desire. Whether you have landscape or portrait shots, achieve the right composition with ease.

JPG Converter

Transform various formats into JPG format effortlessly with PicWish’s JPG converter. This tool enables you to convert Webp, PNG, JPEG, or HEIC files to JPG while preserving the original image quality. Give it a try to strike a perfect balance between image quality and file reduction in the JPG format.

Bottom Line:

PicWish not only provides instant background removal but also offers other photo editing capabilities. This versatile tool is definitely worth trying out, so head to its official website now to explore the full range of features and enhance your photo editing experience. Whether you’re looking to retouch, enhance, or transform your images, PicWish has a comprehensive set of tools to meet your diverse editing needs.

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