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Do you Really Need Fast Broadband?

Speed is an important consideration when you are trying to decide which broadband package will meet your specific browsing speeds. A package that is too slow means you will encounter issues when trying to browse; a package that is too fast means that you are likely to end up paying for services that you do not really require.

The ideal speed is dependent on a number of factors: where you reside and how you normally use the internet.

Do You Need to Make a Switch to Get Quicker Broadband?

Broadband services providers do not all offer similar speeds—there are providers that will allow their clients to choose between two varying speeds, and there are those that will offer four or five options. It’s possible for you to get a better connection by switching your provider.

Your connection speed will also be influenced by your current location. Contrary to what you may believe, fast speeds are not available in all locales. Therefore, before you can start agonising over which package to choose, begin by establishing the type of deals that are available in your location.

Fibre vs Standard Broadband

In the UK, all the standard broadband packages tend to use ADSL technology. This means that all their data gets transmitted via the current Openreach phone network. Their availability is, therefore, wide and broad, even though their download speeds only average between 10 & 11Mbps. These speeds can be much lower if your home/office is further away from the closest phone exchange.

Standard broadband was once the most common type of connection. However, many people are today opting to use faster options such as the superfast and ultrafast packages. These are options known to utilize fibre optic cables to transmit information. While their prices are higher, they are able to reach speeds that cannot be reached using the standard package. Additionally, they are not available in all locations.

You should note that there are not many fibre packages in existence that can provide a fibre connection from an exchange to your house. Statistics indicate that only 8% of UK residences can receive a pure fibre connection originating from an exchange. Such homes are capable of enjoying faster download speeds that can peak off at 1Gbps.

Faster Broadband Speed Benefits

Faster connection speeds often translate into uninterrupted streaming and quicker downloads. They also go along way into getting rid of the connection problems that are often experienced when there are too many family members connected to the internet at the same time.

This type of speed means that you will get to enjoy services like catch-up TV, video-on-demand, and online radio at any given time. Its upload speeds will also make life easier for you when making video calls or when sharing photos online.

Having a good connection will easily eliminate any buffering or stuttering issues when watching on-demand TV.

Do You Need Superfast Broadband?

While fibre broadband is considered great, not every home necessarily needs to have it, you don’t need a superfast connection to upload photos to social networks, check emails, or even surf the web for news items. Find broadband that suits you and your family using a comparison site like Broadband Choices.

For services such as BBC iPlayer, all you require is a 2Mbps sustained bandwidth connection to watch standard content. For Netflix, you will need an average speed of 1.5Mbps and 3Mbps for high-definition content. You may need a faster connection if:

  • Your home is connected in an area with slow broadband speeds
  • You normally use your connection when many people in the area are at home
  • Play video games online
  • Download large online files or films often

Always compare the packages that are on offer before making a choice. It helps to get to know what you can enjoy before making a commitment.

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