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Some Interesting Personal Injury Stats For 2020

When you are working every day, driving to work, or managing people, injuries could happen. You may want to speak to an attorney if you have been hurt at work or on the road. You may be hurt in a public place, or you might be hurt on public transportation. Use the tips below to learn how to keep your family safe, learn what to do to protect yourself, and avoid injuries when possible.

Men Are Injured 2.5 Times More Than Women

Personal injury stats make it obvious that men are injured far more than women. Some people might say that men drive more, go to work more often, and tend to do more dangerous jobs. While this is the case, you must consider why men get hurt so much. Some men do not use reason when they are making decisions at work. Some men do things that they are not qualified to do. Men might allow anger to change their driving style.

All these things should speak to you when you are going about your daily routine. Men who are not behaving properly during the day will get hurt much more often because they put themselves in bad positions. Men do things that cause injuries every day because they are not qualified to do that work. Also, men might get in or cause car accidents because of road rage.

There Are 5.5 Million Car Accidents

There are around 5.5 million car accidents across the country, and these accidents happen for a variety of reasons. Some people get hurt because they are driving in bad conditions. Some people get hurt because they are not focused on the road. An angry driver could cause an accident, or the accident might happen because the car malfunctioned.

There Are 3 Million Injuries In Car Accidents

Car accidents cause 3 million injuries a year, and many of those people deserve to be compensated. People who get hurt in car crashes often file insurance claims without considering the value of a personal injury claim. Plus, they will miss work, lose money because of mounting medical bills, and even lose their vehicle. It makes much more sense for all accident victims to speak to an attorney. Your injuries might have value, and you should force the guilty party in the accident to pay.

Those Accidents Account For 40,000 Fatalities

When people are killed in car accidents, their families have every right to file a wrongful death claim. Accidents at work or in public could lead to a wrongful death claim, and it is important that you speak to a lawyer if someone in your family was killed through no fault of their own.

If are permanently disabled, you should file a lawsuit for lost wages and disability. For some people, being disabled feels like a death in the family. Everything changes, and you need assistance when you cannot make money. Your lawyer will argue in court that your disability is almost the same as dying, and your family should be compensated accordingly. Do not assume your injuries are minor compared to others.

Public Places Are A Major Risk For Older People

The elderly have 33% more accidents and injuries than the younger population. This happens often in public places because those spaces are not maintained properly. If the roads and sidewalks are not salted when it snows, it is difficult for people to travel safely. People cannot walk on the sidewalk without fear of falling. One bad fall could change a person’s life, and the municipality that controls that area should be held accountable for any injuries or deaths.

Accidental Injuries At Work Should Always Involve Workers Compensation

Your employer should have workers comp insurance. This insurance is required by law in every state, and you should be sent to a doctor who is paid for by that insurance policy. However, you may need to force your employer to treat you properly. You can hire a lawyer to get the service you need, and you can recover from your injury faster.

If you have not been sent to a workers comp doctor, you need to get help with a claim. Because work-related injuries are rising at a rate of about 2% a year, you cannot be too careful. You should report any issues that you have around your office. Plus, you should anonymously report any unsafe business practices. You can hire a lawyer if you feel you need to blow the whistle, or you should hire a lawyer when you believe your employer’s negligence caused your injury or disability.


When you want to protect yourself from injuries, you should try to be level-headed at all times. However, there are times when you need to hire a lawyer to help you. Your lawyer can help you file the proper lawsuit for your injuries, or you can hold your employer accountable for your injuries. Some people do not consider talking to a lawyer because they think their injuries are not that bad. You should talk to a lawyer to make sure you do not become a statistic.

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