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A Better Way of Engaging the Guests

As stoic as the business industry sounds, they are one of the better industries to have adapted the progressive nature of technology. In fact, most companies nowadays are in the business of improving technology, and that is maybe why they seamlessly transition from one phase of electronics to the other.

As business goes, there is no other place that makes this more apparent than trade shows because it shows how much the industry has adapted. It features the latest models of touch screens and the use of VR technology that makes the booths more immersive. In fact, even the use of the internet is already proof enough. However, recent technology is not visible anymore. It is hidden in smartphones and it lies in the power of the applications that it holds, and trade show organizers refuse to be left behind and this comes in the form of event mobile apps which are used to feature premium exhibitor profile.

What is a premium exhibitor profile?

This basically allows your brand to be featured in the show in a better place than others which includes a prime location for that rent booth for events in Singapore that you have. In addition to this, when you do pay for the premium, there is an added benefit of being featured in the event’s printed program. This increases your chance of piquing the interest of the guests and the traffic can easily turn into exposure and leads which is supposedly your goal when taking part in trade shows.

The same goes for digital programs, but this time, the added advantage lies in the fact that your name will be easier to find.

So, how is this important especially to the profile of a business?

There are several ways that this could help your business prosper, and most of the time, it lies with the very foundation of a business’ marketing.

First Impressions

Superficial as it may sound, the public’s first impression of a business is vital. More often than not, this has been the downfall of many brands. One small misstep, even what you thought is the most insignificant can be crucial.

This works its way into one’s digital profile because this basically is their first interaction with your brand. That is why, having an impressive portfolio is vital. Share what makes you unique to other similar brands and show what you can offer them. Impress them with the depth of your products or services and leave nothing off the table.

Of course, a little tease does not hurt anybody. Maybe leave the intricate details for when they really are sold on your brand. However, it should all be good things, even those that you left out.

On the other hand, in spite the benefits that you might already be receiving, it is good to learn if there was a way to be a cut above the rest. For example, maybe, if you pay more, you receive more which should unfortunately be the case. The more you pay, the better the services you receive. Just like in games.

Money speaks. That is the reality, even in business and most especially in trade shows where there should have been equal opportunity to all.

Sparks Another Method of Engagement

Traditionally, the only form of engagement available between the participants and the guests are the trade show booths that are being displayed. You set up a booth, guests come to you, and you impress them. However, with the addition of a mobile way of interaction, guests will know what you are about ahead of time, and if they become interested in what a business has to offer, then they will know then and there where to find them on the day of the convention.

In a way, this is the organizers’ way of helping businesses market because a successful trade show is where everyone has to gain, and that no one exhibitor goes home with a loss. In return, this helps the convention in creating a good reputation, and this also results in more participants meaning more income for the organizers.


The organizers of the trade show are also running a business, and as a business, it is in their best interest to profit because this also means they can continue their annual convention. At the end of the day, it is a win-win situation for everyone that are involved. On the other hand, there is the question of others willing to adopt to this change. However, going by the industry’s track record, they eventually will.

Technology has progressed further than we thought it would, and it has affected an industry that would have not been to adaptive if it was in the past ages. Nowadays, it is what it needs – to be able to adapt in order to build a win-win situation for everyone that is involved.

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