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A Complete Guide to Finding the Best Website Designer

A good web design company will strategically build exceptional websites for their customers, whether it is in Asia, Australia or Great Britain. Their job should be to successfully communicate their Client’s brand and mission, engage with the Client’s customers in a user-friendly format, and increase their business with an attractive website.

The companies that best and most conveniently meet the client or viewer’s needs are the ones who get the most business. 38% of online users will leave a site that they do not find attractive or easy to navigate. Before getting your website design in Singapore, here are a few things to note.

In order to ensure your visitors are sticking around and diving in to all that you have to offer, an excellent website layout and design is essential.

Hiring web designers are often the best route to building a site if:

You don’t have time to spend on building a website

Running a business is time-consuming. If you hire a designer, they will be able to devote the necessary time and strategy into your website that most business owners simply can’t. Remember, good website design will increase traffic for your business. Hiring a website designer will free up your time to tend to the rest of your business and ensure that it is being built in the best way possible.

You don’t have prior experience

Building a website is very time-consuming and if it isn’t done properly, it will be a waste of time. From the beginning, it’s helpful to acknowledge whether or not this is something you are capable of doing. If you don’t have prior experience or knowledge about web design, hiring a web designer may be the right decision for your business.

You don’t know how to get tangible results with your website

The structure of a website is heavily based on tried-and-true tactics that web designers know to implement. They can create elements of the website with the knowledge of how it will drive and influence the user’s experience by adding something as simple as an infographic or a button that will encourage interaction from the audience. After giving a website designer your basic plan and ideas, they can execute it and bring their own expertise to enhance your own ideas.

You want your website to stand out and be unique

Most self-designed website designs are made from templates that anybody can use. A generic website template won’t help you in your mission to stand out and web designers have the expertise to create something unique.

Once you decide that hiring a website designer is the best option for you, the next step is to find the best one possible. You can find web designers on freelance sites like Upwork, review sites like Clutch, or with a simple Google search. Ask colleagues, friends, and other professional connections for any recommendations they may have as you search for the right fit. We’ve compiled nine easy steps to consider as you search:

Consider the amount of money you’re willing to invest in building a website

When considering the money aspect, be sure to know what you’d like to accomplish with your website. The bigger your mission and audience, the bigger your budget should be. What is the minimum and maximum of what you’re willing to spend? If this is new to you, do some online research to look at what normal rates are.

What type of web designer you want: freelance, design agency or a full-service agency?

A Freelancer is typically the cheapest option. They are individuals who will bring their experience to work with you as they build your website. But not all freelancers are professional, so choose wisely. A Design Agency is a small to medium team that works together on client projects. You’ll be paying a little more for the variety of expertise that comes with that. A Full-Service Agency is a digital marketing agency that also specializes in SEO, PPC advertising and more. They not only build the website, but offer additional ways to market your business in the best way possible.

Look at the website designer’s portfolio and consider whether they have experience in the design you’re looking for

Look at whether a designer has experience with your type of business, then consider whether you like their design style. It will give you great insight into what they will likely be able to produce for you.

Read testimonials and reviews from other clients

If a company has numerous positive reviews, then they are likely a good choice. However, if a company does not have many reviews, that may be a red flag showing that their customers were not happy with their experience.

Check out the rates and pricing of the web designer you choose

This can be tricky. Since most companies don’t pin down or publicize their pricing, you will likely have to call the company for a direct answer. Or better yet, ask if they offer free consultations or quotes.

See if they offer additional services so that you can minimize the need to search for other services

They might also offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media strategies, or subscriptions. It is best to get as much as possible from one place to ensure ease and consistency.

Ask lots of questions!

The very best web designers will listen to what you want and explain exactly they are talking about. Since it is a niche market, be sure to ask for clarification when they start talking about terms you don’t understand. If something doesn’t seem like it is a good fit for the website you are dreaming of, be sure to interject. A good web designer will answer your questions and address any issues you may have!

Request your friends’ websites from their different web design agency’s references

Call people up who have had work done in the same industry as you. Get the inside scoop and pointers for moving forward with that designer or agency.

Don’t be afraid to shop around. There are many website design agencies

Be wary of signing the first contract that someone offers you. You’re in control. Be sure to explore all of your options. It is worth the time to ensure you get quality work.

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