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Why Is Canva Popular?


Today, the domain that is regarded as App Developers Australia has grown in leaps and bounds in recent years. One of the greatest inventions of recent years is Canva, which today is worth over fifteen billion dollars. Iphone App Development are the brains behind such amazingly innovative ideas. In the not too recent past, graphic design was highly specialized where tools like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop were used by trained individuals. With no code tools like Canva, entrepreneurs can create a visual narrative without requiring any specialized talent. Along with Canva, a whole host of other tools have cropped up like Crello, PicMonkey and Easil.

What Is Canva?

Canva serves a myriad of industries and also a whole host of content creators. Even small to medium businesses can enjoy the benefits of Canva. For instance, if you consider a small company that wishes to fill the numerous vacancies they have with regard to Jobs Sri Lanka, all they have to do is create advertisements using Canva’s extensive template list. This is one of the main benefits of Canva: they have a variety of pre-installed fonts, templates, emojis and graphics that makes content creation an absolute breeze. Canva has monetized its business, and offers more functionality as you get a better and more personalized plan.

All in all, remember that Canva cannot replace high-end graphic tools like Adobe Illustrator. For example, logos are best created on a vector-based program like the latter mentioned tool. The reason for this is that you cannot create a logo that is scalable to any size. That said, remember that Canva has its place in the world that is known as graphic design. There is much to experience and love about this fantastic design tool.

Hardly standing still, the folks at Canva are using Machine Learning techniques and Deep Learning platform to make its user experience better. Technology is at the heart of an amazing tool like Canva. There is much to enjoy with Canva’s functionality. It’s Drag and Drop facility makes creation a breeze. Additionally a tool such as this has served to democratize the access to creation and pull the boundaries of design flexibility. A testament to the popularity of Canva can be seen in its usage numbers. It is used across 190 countries and has 30 million active monthly users. The best statistic is that they have collectively made over 30 billion designs to date.


Canva has democratized the art of creation. With the whole world going digital, there is no reason for small to medium sized businesses to ignore visual creation for their brands. There are various tools like Stencil that have followed in Canva’s footsteps. But Canva has been the first on the scene and has made waves in the creator economy. It has single handedly powered the visual creation of branding for startups and even entrepreneurs who are just starting out on their journey. With so much functionality being present, there’s no reason to doubt that tools like Canva will only become bigger and stronger in the near future.

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