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To Drive or Be Driven? [Infographic]

After years of mounting resistance, the Empire State has finally lifted a ban that kept driverless cars off its streets. The approval is the result of lobbyists from driverless manufacturers winning an legislative tug-a-war with state officials. Driverless car testing can begin as soon as the budget is passed, and once that happens, the tests will last until April 2018, perhaps, getting renewed after the studies conclude.

To sum up this development, one could say, “it’s a big deal.” Not only is this big news for the fact that drivers may pass by AVs on the highways this summer, but for the reason that such a firm stance once held against this technology has changed so fast. It seems as if New York government officials have seen the positive numbers and benefits driverless cars have to offer. They’re onboard now.

Perhaps, they were convinced by numbers like those found in this infographic, “To Drive or Be Driven”, created by Auto Loan Solutions, a car loan company servicing Ontario, Canada.

Full of stats and insights, many of which you may have not yet seen, this piece will surely leave an impression on your mind. And much of this data is focused merely on the benefits AVs will bring for you as an individual, not just towards industries.

For those of you who think you’ve seen all the data there is, taking a look at this infographic will still bring out some known figures in surprising new contexts. And you will probably make more connections; the numbers and benefits of AVs listed here might bring to mind some advantages not even mentioned.

Regardless of what you know or don’t know, the facts presented in this piece will certainly help you envision the positive changes to our roads in the very near future.

Make sure to have fun reading this infographic and don’t forget to share it with your friends and colleagues. If any of them are still on the fence about AVs, this infographic could very well make these folks believers.

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