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E-Learning is the Future of Education: Learn Why?

The rapid advancement of technology has greatly affected various industries including eLearning and online resources for students. It is assumed that in the coming years technology will shape up the future of educational systems. According to the research conducted in 1995, around 4% of the US companies offered elearning courses to their employees. While the number gradually increased to 77% in the year 2014. It is assumed that the number is going to grow more by 2019 and approx 50% of the educational classes will be delivered online.

Lets deep dive into the concept of E-Learning

E-learning known as electronic learning is a method of education used for web-based distance education, wherein there is no face-to-face interaction. E-learning is the best platform to interact and learn effectively without the need of instructor. E-learning courses cover across several domains, using a range of technologies. Generally, E-Learning is used in organizations like schools and corporates. E-Learning is flexible and convenient than the normal classroom-based learning. E learning training and development modules use different types of tools and techniques like using audio and video visuals of the recordings, takeaways, short assessments, surveys, forum groups, etc.

Advantages of E-Learning

Nowadays everyone is mobile obsessed and connect instantly over smartphones, helping to self-paced learning through custom-made content. It requires fulfilling with the online training; where students, graduates and corporate employees can learn at their convenience and requirement. Let’s get to know at some of the benefits of online learning or E-Learning.

It’s cost efficient and time saver

Online learning helps you to save money and increase workplace productivity by decreasing time and traveling costs and printing materials.

24/7 Learning, Everywhere

Through E-Learning their staff can complete a course any time they want thus decreasing their busy work schedule.

Tracking the course process

It is simple to track and guide the course process for your employees, workers, and learners. This is essential for tech savvies who are passionate about developing their skills for future opportunities.

It’s cautious

Few individuals are not comfortable to interact and associate in groups, but it gives them their space to self-learn with interactive tasks to gain a complete understanding of each module.

Although a computer can’t perform all

In situations when they have assignments due, professionals trying to clear their certifications that’s when they gain the information through the online course materials.

For instance, to create works E-learning provides thesis aspect of training effort, but feasible training is required to ensure capability. For example, combine learning, which can utilize E-learning beside direct training to integrate the benefits.

What’s the future of E-Learning?

Involving very modern technology E-learning will probably include technologies and platforms that obtain from present trends. In this section, I will contour some of the recently accepted and appearing trends, which could easily develop into exciting, advanced, and helpful learning models.

As computer ownership grows over the world E-Learning becomes progressively practicable and available. Internet access is everywhere and opportunities for multimedia training techniques make an appearance. With the enormous improvement taking place in the smartphone within the previous years and enhancements in telecommuting, proceeding all the amazing characteristics of e-Learning in a real life with electronic and portable devices. Technologies such as social media are also reorganizing the education constantly.

Future Landscape of E-Learning with Machine Learning and AI

It’s exciting in the world of E-Learning. Technologies are constantly progressing to increase effectiveness and make our creative existence. One such improvement is to raise Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in their role of future of E-Learning.

Artificial Intelligence Gamification

Access to entire data on the internet and Big Data analytics is literally fast and complicated process than easily coming up with an advanced lesson plan. When it arrives at E-Learning, the best trainers actually reach down to leading software engineers. The foundation of Artificial Intelligence is required for future instructors.

The advantages of AI approaches from its capacity to assess, learn as well as to adapt to an evolving strategy. AI is easy to inspect and arise with solutions, byways of resolving a snake cube puzzle, where its a combination of cubes arranged to form a 3×3 or 4×4 cubes. Artificial Intelligence resolves complications that confuse most humans.

Role of Machine Learning

In future, Artificial Intelligence technology can be frequently used in E-Learning, but for the time being, Machine Learning is perfectly sufficient to make flexibility, customizable and learner-centered learning management system (LMS). Machine learning algorithms can trace the performance of the students registered in an LMS and appearance of future sessions and their topics so that they respond to the genuine needs of the learners.

It’s a vast benefit in situations where there are, for example, twenty students with varying capability and skills are enrolled in a course. The machine learning LMS proactively reorganizes the course to these variations and distributes personalized content to individual students. It benefits the students in two ways, more knowledgeable student’s progression quickly with content to target their actual skills and abilities.

Wrapping It Up

In developing and not fully developed countries, E-learning raises the level of education, literacy and financial development. These are especially true for countries where technical education is expensive, opportunities are limited, and economic inequality exists.

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